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Re : crawling...UPDATE

Postby mommajo » Sat Apr 14, 637973 11:23 am

Holli, Elijah was between 9 and 10 months when he started crawling. I think closer to ten months. He started walking at 13 months. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

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Re : crawling...UPDATE

Postby deerhart » Tue Apr 03, 637973 7:21 pm

I just thought I would jump in to tell you that both my children started crawling (really crawling like on all 4's) basically AFTER they started walking ;P SO that would be walking 9.5-10.5 months, crawling 11-12 months.

Prior to that it was mostly just scooting their behinds across the floor or the army crawl (legs straight out and pulling with arms).

Both my boys also potty trained when they were darn good and ready (3 yrs, 8 months 2 weeks for BOTH of them)

mother bear
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Re : crawling...UPDATE

Postby mother bear » Tue Apr 03, 637973 2:15 pm

Didn't you know? The pressure to conform starts at conception! ;)

My little 'un crawled at 8 months (6 months adjusted), and still doesn't walk at 14 months. And, to be honest, she can take all the time in the world she needs to learn how to run, uh, I mean walk. Hard enough to keep up with her crawling as it is.

She doesn't talk either. Last week she started to babble for the first time. I'm talking the repetitive mamamamamam bababababa sounds. The ones that her pediatrician thought she should be making by 9 months. My neighbor's kid, who is 6 months YOUNGER than her, already makes way more articulate sounds than she does. And don't get me started on weight issues (yes, the neighbor's kid also weighs more than she does). Still waaayyy below the curve on that one. As soon as I see her pediatrician about to launch into the whole feed her more speech, yet again, I just say that she loves cream cheese. It usually stops her from wasting my time and hers with stressing about something I have little to no control over. I'm sure she'll weigh "enough" by the end of high school, and she'll be walking and talking quite enough well before then!

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Re : crawling...UPDATE

Postby kelly w » Tue Aug 15, 637972 7:15 am

My son didn't crawl till 9.5 months and within a week he was walking all over the place - he progressed all at once. NONE of my kids has crawled before 8 months though, so I don't think you have anything to worry about at all!


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Re : crawling...UPDATE

Postby halo79rn » Mon Aug 14, 637972 11:23 pm

'crawling' itself isn't considered a milestone... but moving to get to an object is... so scooting would count. My dd started scooting on her back at 5m, on her belly (on knees but face planted) at 6m, got on all fours at 8m and was really crawling good at 9m.
I wouldn't be worried about it yet. Enjoy him being stationary as long as you can! Soon you'll be chasing him everywhere!!!

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Re : crawling...UPDATE

Postby ozierja » Thu Aug 03, 637972 12:43 am

My 2 1/2 y/o is not potty trained either...not close, really. I feel bad too since girls are supposed to be easier. Oh well, she's not the only one in her daycare class in diapers. I'm sure yours will pick it up soon.

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Re : crawling...UPDATE

Postby holliadrienne » Wed Aug 02, 637972 10:57 am

thanks so much guys! this is the first developmental thing that has gotten me a little frazzled...but in my head and heart i know he is completely fine. Honestly, he is really laid back...but in the past two days he has been getting on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth, so i think crawling is around the corner. Truthfully, I am not ready for him to be mobile yet...seems like yesterday he was born, time flies way too fast these days!

yes, he reaches for everything, will roll around and scoot a little, but mostly he knows that if he wants something all he has to do is look at me and i will get it...i need to work on that[:D]

again thanks, i knew i would find the support i needed here, like always[^]

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Re : crawling...UPDATE

Postby aundapenner » Sun Jul 23, 637972 9:34 am

My 9 1/2 month old isn't crawling. (That would be 8 months adjusted.) Every dr visit they ask lots of ?s, but he's doing great on his own. We have a walker on our first floor that he loves. He loves the idea of being mobile, just doesn't want to do it yet.

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Re : crawling...UPDATE

Postby heather j » Sat Jul 22, 637972 5:21 pm

AMEN! My issue is potty training right now; there are so many people "concerned" about my diaper-wearing 2 1/2 yo, it's making me insane! I just smile politely, say he has no developmental issues, and that we're sure he won't be wearing diapers by high school. Holly, I'm sure your little man is JUST fine!

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Re : crawling...UPDATE

Postby fiona » Sat Jul 22, 637972 2:06 pm

Cindy, Jay crawled the day before his first birthday, too! (That's the only reason I remember it.) Sacha bum shuffled, then commando crawled. I'm not sure either of them ever rolled over during that period.

Honestly though, it seems like from the moment they are born, it's "are they doing this yet?" - are they smiling, sitting, crawling, walking, talking, potty trained, reading, adding, writing.... It never ends.

Unless there is an actual developmental issue that needs addressing, I don't understand the obsession with rushing our babies through natural processes the normal timing of which takes in a huge range. It drives me completely crazy. Let's revel in what they are doing, rather than what other people think they should be doing.

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