Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

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Re : Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

Postby michellelhuston » Wed Oct 13, 638286 2:45 am

Wow! It sounds like she is on a roll! If only they could stay little!

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Re : Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

Postby hannahsmom » Fri Jul 23, 638286 12:38 pm

Great news! Hold onto these special moments...before you know it, she'll be starting kindergarten..sniff....

I know you are proud - congratulations on this special week!

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Re : Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

Postby paige_va » Mon Jul 12, 638286 4:58 am

Wow!!! Go Ella! I hope Collin will get the idea pretty soon.

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Re : Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

Postby kelly w » Thu Jul 01, 638286 8:13 pm

Awww -that's awesome! What a big girl! And how adorable!!!!


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Re : Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

Postby missgamecock » Wed Jun 30, 638286 7:42 pm

Kirsten did that. She went from rolling on the floor only to crawling, standing, cruising in a couple of days. Wuite the shock isn't it? Congratulations, now go secure everything in sight!!!!

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Re : Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

Postby laura » Wed Jun 30, 638286 5:58 pm

That's awesome- Al used to do that, she'd just wake up one day and have something mastered. I love that- what's funny is that she is still doing that as a regular kid. She couldn't read-couldn't read-couldn't read, and then woke up one morning and started reading chapter books. Development is such a kick!

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Re : Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

Postby amiejo » Wed Jun 30, 638286 9:20 am

Go Ella! There is no stopping her now!

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Re : Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

Postby cindyh27 » Wed Jun 30, 638286 8:28 am

OMG! Way to go Ella :) What a big girl. Once they get going there is no stopping them... funny how it happens all at once... she’s the cutest!

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Re : Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

Postby sam » Wed Jun 30, 638286 6:43 am

heather your cute little monkey is sure growing fast. that's what i was saying in my post the time just runs away with itself doesn't it?, you just get used to their new little thing they do then they surprise you straightaway with another one!!!!!

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Re : Ella's a big girl *sniff sniff* !

Postby mnmom » Wed Jun 30, 638286 6:10 am

Oh Heather, enjoy the milestones. They go by so fast. Really. Blink, and she will be waving bye bye going on her first date[:)]

I hope Nicolas will continue to love being a big brother. Get ready for the screams of "mine" and "mom, make her stop!" Sibling love.

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