So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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Postby kathyc » Tue Dec 01, 638612 11:16 pm

Two of my three babies were evening screamers. One was colicky and the other had terrible reflux. Like Laura, I found that carriers really helped, and I've tried several. My favorite is the Moby Wrap. It's a big long piece of cloth that you wrap around yourself in different ways. For newborns, it makes a really snug pocket that sort of swaddles the baby and is totally hands-free. I wore Andrew like that almost all day everyday for months. When I went out, I would put it on before I left the house (it ends up looking almost like a wrap shirt layered over your real shirt). Then when I got where I was going I could just wiggle him down inside it and he was so happy and cozy there! Now that he's bigger I wrap it differently for a hip carry. It's really comfortable and doesn't make my back hurt.

Here's a pic of Andrew in the Moby... (hope I did this right) [URL= ... C-0020.jpg]

Glad you're starting to feel better. I remember feeling SO lost and inadequate as a Mother with my first baby. *hugs*

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Postby kteacher » Sun Nov 22, 638612 4:01 am

My first was VERY colicky...I just wanted to cry and scream with her. She had reflux...she didn't spit up, the dr said the acid just went right up her throat and right back wasn't coated with milk making it worse then babies with reflux who spit up.
Anyway...I didn't think we would make it . But almost 3 months later it was all over!!! I know 3 mths sounds like a long time, but hang in there. I promise it does get better!

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Postby laura » Wed Nov 11, 638612 3:13 am

Ohh, I love that you guys have your bumper crop of babes right now. Especially you Jen, because your Alison shares a bday with my 'Mille-- who coincidentally was my colicky one. She was sooo colicky we called her crabby cammie, or crammie- still! and she's a perenially sunny six year old now. (I have to admit I was worried about how sensitive she'd be!)

we swore by the baby bjorn for her colic. if i could quasi swaddle her arms AND carry her in the bjorn, we got extra points. Older sis started school 'round that time so we were always out and about and as long as she was cuddled up and bouncing, she didn't know if she was home or on the soccer field. Lots of baby cuddles and luck to you guys!

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Postby joker » Wed Nov 11, 638612 3:00 am

Su, so glad you found a balance for yourself and SamJam! And, I can't really figure out how you keep a newborn awake during the day so they will sleep at night...the people who say that probably don't have a newborn at home!

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Postby debbie78 » Tue Nov 10, 638612 10:37 pm

I am so glad to read this, Su. So, so happy you are doing better. All in time, huh? (((hugs)))

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Postby season » Mon Nov 09, 638612 9:49 pm


I too am glad you are feeling better.

You are finding a way to meet your needs and his needs with the given situation. My ds was also a crier into the night. Because I nursed dh could not do feedings, so I'd feed him around 9 or 10 and then go to bed and dh would stay up - at around midnight he'd bring him in for another nursing and ds would finally sleep some. Because dh worked I took ds for the rest of the night - but just the fact that I was not up with him until midnight made the rest of the night wakings way easier to deal with.

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Postby blythe » Mon Nov 09, 638612 8:22 pm

Su, I am *so* glad to hear you sounding better! I'm glad you like your therapist and she seems to be helping, and if you decided together that the Zoloft can wait, that's great. Just remember there's no failure involved if you need to take it in the future- it's just like needing bp meds!

I love how you are adjusting with Samar's schedule. Forget what you "should" do and how he "should" be, as long as he's fed and diapered and getting cuddles I think you're doing fabulous!

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Postby dolphinjen » Mon Nov 09, 638612 7:00 pm

Su, wow what a relief that you are at least having some good days! It sounds like you are learning a lot through this whole process. I hate that women don't share the "nitty gritty" with their fellow moms to be. It can be quite a shock if you're just expecting your life to be like the cover of American Baby. I think it's awesome you're taking him out with you when you go places. It's so good for getting kids well-socialized and used to the everyday errands of life. I'm just so happy and excited that things are starting to turn around. The colic really DOES end, I've gone through it twice and I know it is heartbreakingly depressing, but when it goes away it's like the start of a sunny day. Good for you for hanging in there and things will only get better and better.

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Postby mommy1st » Sun Nov 08, 638612 2:19 pm

yeah I couldn't stay home either I had a 3 year old active boy who needed to get out! It was Christmas time(she was born on the 2nd of Dec.) but I didn't care I NEEDED to get things done and get out of the house!!! Like Holly, I just covered her up and to my surprise no one touched her I think it might have been to her size and the time of year...people not wanting to get her sick?? Who knows but it was nice and you have to do what you have to do!!

I'm so glad you are feeling better, getting out to a store or walking the block really helped me with my PPD. Glad you feel great!:)

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Postby wrennie » Fri Oct 30, 638612 5:32 am

Su, so great to hear your doing better! It definitely helps to get out, and i think that helps get the kiddo tired too! Things will keep getting easier, hang in there!

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