25 pds at 2 yrs old?

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby sheri-ct » Thu Apr 25, 638616 1:52 pm

My twins are 23 months and weigh 23 & 25 pounds. They were 32 weekers.

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby rebeccac » Wed Apr 24, 638616 9:22 pm

DS was 25 lbs,15 oz at his 2 year check.

At his 3 year check this past March, he was 32 lbs. He still wears some 24 mo. clothes as well but mostly 3T.

Don't go by her clothing size...if she is happy, reaching all the milestones and well adjusted, then she is doing just fine!

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby mlcoltrain » Wed Apr 24, 638616 7:36 pm

Morgan turns 5 in July and is not more then 35lbs. I don't remeber her weight around 2 but I'm pretty sure she wasn't more then 26lbs. As long as your DD is tracking along her own growth curve your ped won't be worried. Morgan was always at like the bottom or not even on the chart for weight but she has always been tracking in an upward curve, she has spurts when she is supposed to etc.. You can't really go by clothes, in shirts she is up to girls XS but in pants she is still in anywhere to a 3T plus. She has no hips or butt, I am just glad for the adjustable waist band pants because she is actually quite tall and it's all in the legs. We have to buy pants that fit her length and wear belts.

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby lilillini » Wed Apr 24, 638616 2:12 pm

Mason just turned 4 and is only 33 pounds! But he is average height and not skinny, even though he can still wear 2T pants in some brands (but 5T shirts!). I don't remember how much he weighed at 2, but it was probably around 26 pounds.

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby hols537 » Wed Apr 24, 638616 1:33 pm

Alexander was 26 lbs at his 2 year visit. You can't really go by the clothes sizes since they are all cut differently and I don't think weight matters much at all. Alexander is skinny, but tall, 2T is a little short for him, but they slide right down his waist/hips (without a diaper they'd be on the floor!). As long as they aren't dropping off their growth curves, I don't think they worry too much. I'm sure once she started walking and running, she probably started slowing down her weight growth since she was burning so many calories.

Congrats on a great visit! I call Alexander an "impostor preemie" these days and it sounds like Gabrielle is right there with him!

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25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby mommiesangel » Wed Apr 24, 638616 10:17 am

Gabrielle had her 2 yr appointment yesterday. Everything is right on track with her development and she showed off to the pedi how much she talks and is a total tape recorder LOL! Instead of using the scale that she lays down on they used the "big girl" scale. The nurse said she was 25 pds. DH & I were shocked because we thought she would be heavier than that. Esp since she can no longer fit into 24 mo clothes which does go up to 30 pds and Gabrielle usually fits 3T clothes (depending on the make) and 2T doesn't fit to well.

How many pounds were your preemies once they turned 2?

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