Checking in

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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Re : Checking in

Postby kathyc » Fri Aug 05, 638625 11:32 am

Good to "see" you guys also. One addendum to the update... I got a teaching position today!! So I'm no longer unemployed. Yay!!

Jackie, thanks for your kind words and thoughts. Please know that it helped me to talk with you also.

BTW, I'm on Facebook nearly every day, so that's a good place to find me these days. :)

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Re : Checking in

Postby surefoott » Fri May 06, 638625 1:33 am

Kathy! So good to hear from you! I have wondered how you are doing; you were such a big help to me when my daughter had her miscarriage and I've thought of you often.
Your kiddies are really growing fast! I bet the girls just adore having a baby brother to fuss over. Before you know it, those little girls will be pre-teens! LOL
Sorry about the temporary unemployment; my DIL was laid off from her teaching job in Orlando this year. I always tell her that one good thing about being a teacher, though, is you can subsitute teach and it seems with maternity leaves and other teacher absences, there are many opportunities for that.
So glad things are well with your beautiful family!

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Re : Checking in

Postby mnmom » Wed Feb 05, 638623 10:40 am

Sounds like things are going great! It's so good to hear from you!

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Re : Checking in

Postby jamie w » Fri Jan 24, 638623 9:59 pm

Thanks for the update. I am so glad things are going well!!

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Checking in

Postby kathyc » Mon Jan 13, 638623 12:42 pm

Hey y'all,

It's been way too long since I posted here. Just wanted to update on us.

The big news: Andrew just started walking this week and he is over the moon about it. He just looks so proud of himself when he makes it across the room! He's 15 months old now, and has finally started to catch up in his growth. For so long he was so little... he had such awful reflux. But the reflux is much better now and is rarely an issue anymore. He is still just the happiest little fellow, and is just as cute as he can be!

Audrey, my miracle girl, is 6 now and is doing fantastic!! She lost both her front teeth recently, so we've all been having fun getting her to say things like 'six silver swans...' and so forth...LOL She is just the brightest, most imaginative little girl and still serves as my daily reminder of just how precious life is.

My oldest, Abigail, my only PE-free baby, is 8 now. She has taken over as Little Mama and loves helping to take care of her baby brother. She is growing up so fast!

As for me, I'm doing well these days health-wise, though I've never gotten off the fluid pills. MY BP's stay stable with them, so that's the main thing. In other news, my job vanished several months ago when the hospital where I've worked for the last 5 years went bankrupt and closed down. Since then, I've gone through an alternative teacher certification course and am hoping to land a full time teaching job soon. In the meantime, I've signed up to be a substitute teacher.

DH is doing great too. His job is very stable, thank goodness!! He is so cute to see with his little boy...just a proud Papa all the way! I think the reason Andrew took so long to start walking is because his Daddy never puts him down...LOL

DH and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary this past May. I tell him "THESE are our good old days" all the time. And, despite the temporary stress of unemployment... they are!! Everyone is healthy and happy... what else can one ask for?

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