Baby hates tummy time

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Re : Baby hates tummy time

Postby threesparkles » Sat Mar 13, 638917 6:58 am

You've already gotten a TON of great information, but just thought I'd add that yes, the Bumbo is an alternative to a trunk strength-builder, which is what tummy time is known for since the "Back to Sleep" campaign started.

And also, I use an inclined tummy mat for Levi, and he LOVES it! But, he likes tummy time, too, which I find strange because Luke HATED it! :) Anyway, I thought it might be a good option for those babies who don't like tummy time because they're not laying so flat? Here's a pic of Levi using it: ... =814721247

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Re : Baby hates tummy time

Postby kbunsey » Fri Feb 19, 638917 10:16 am

It always seems w/ me that I post right when I'm on the crest of the frustration and then somehow - magically - things start getting better. I started putting Kyle on my legs while lying on my back w/ legs at 90 degree angle and doing tummy time while I make funny faces at him. We go in front of the big mirror in his room and he seems to enjoy that. I've started rolling him around on the floor and then rolling him onto his tummy for little bits and he seems OK doing that. His neck and head are really strong and he holds his head really well. I think maybe b/c when I do carry him around his is upright. He hardly spends any time on his back (except sleeping) so I think we're OK. I just started putting him in one of those activity mat/play things. I sat him in his Bumbo chair tonight and he sat in it great! He looked awesome. I think we'll start sitting in the Bumbo a little bit each day. I read it can be a strengthening activity as an alternative to tummy time.

So thank you everyone for all your help and suggestions. Really, too, this was mommy's issue more than Kyle's. Deep breaths, right. :-) XO

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Re : Baby hates tummy time

Postby hols537 » Tue Jan 26, 638917 7:50 am

I don't have much to add since you've got lots of great information. The one suggestion I'll add is to try a mirror for him to look at himself. That was the trick to getting Jonathan to do tummy time. Good luck!

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Re : Baby hates tummy time

Postby lola1971 » Tue Jan 26, 638917 2:35 am

My daughter HATED tummy time up until about now (3 months corrected age). But she still protests a bit after a few minutes. I just keep doing it for 1 or 2 minutes throughout the day. I started tummy time as soon as she came home (per the pedi's instructions). Every tiny bit helps because even though she's been doing it in small time frames, she can lift her head way up- since her 6 weeks corrected age! And she has no flat spots and her pedi is soooo impressed with her progress. Your DS will get there. I also put toys in front of her- that seems to interest her for a bit. We also did tummy time while she was on our tummy. And I did tummy time with a rolled blanket under her arms- it elevated her a bit but still exercised her arms- you can also use a boppy for that.

p.s. my little girl loves to be held ALOT too. I just do it too- impossible to spoil them and I feel bad since she missed 11 weeks being in my tummy!!

I also get frustrated with the loss of my first DD. always why did it happen....why me....what would she look like. I just go with the feelings and then the pain will subside a bit for awhile. but I still does suck and still very painful.

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Re : Baby hates tummy time

Postby kdreher » Mon Jan 25, 638917 9:32 pm

Tummy time is important but keeping Kyle off the back of his head for long periods of time is essential..even just laying him on one side, then the other will prevent positional plagiocephaly (flat head) which my son Michael has/had. We didn't do a lot of tummy time and he did sit in a bouncy chair a lot, etc and the result was the right back of his head was flat and required a helmet.

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Re : Baby hates tummy time

Postby mnmom » Sun Jan 03, 638917 6:45 pm

Katie, you answered your own post beautifully. When he is a jr in college, no one will ask/wonder how much tummy time he did as an infant. Promise.

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Re : Baby hates tummy time

Postby milesymommy » Sun Jan 03, 638917 5:02 am

Almost all babies hate tummy time. Both my boys did/do. Josh doesn't cry as much now - he's 4 months. I never did the recommended amounts of tummy time, but a few times a week, for a few minutes. Each time a little longer. I put Josh on a pad on top of the coffee table and sit so I can look at him in the eyes. At least he knows I'm not leaving him to scream his head off. I tried toys to entertain him (he had no interest in them). Miles is almost 3 and normal for his age with minimal tummy time. Josh is right on schedule with holding his head up, looking around, pushing up, etc.
Tummy time is over rated. And don't compare! I know, hard not to do, but every child is different.
Good luck!

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Re : Baby hates tummy time

Postby kbunsey » Sun Jan 03, 638917 4:35 am

You know, he does get held A LOT and is what my FIL would say is "spoiled" with the holding, rocking, cuddling and all that. So it could just be that the kid doesn't like being put down much. He seems pretty strong and our Ped's whole thing is just love him and hold him and cuddle him and "you can't spoil an infant." He never even mentions tummy time. He always tells us to read to him every day. Which, hello! I'm a librarian. ;-)

Y'know what else - this whole thing is MY issue. I know it. There is a girl I know who had her baby a week before Kyle. A cute little baby girl. Well, the whole time this girl was pregnant I had a hard time b/c she has high bp (known hypertensive - well, her doc's call it "prehypertensive" but her pressures were higher than mine ever were in my first pregnancy w/ Fiona) and anyways, this girl went her entire pregnancy with higher bp than I've ever had (outside of my Preeclampsia) and her first pregnancy went fine. Baby girl was born at 40 weeks and everybody was great. Which is great! I'm happy for them - but - for me - it just sucked! I just don't understand how some people get sick and some people don't! And I didn't want her to get sick or have Preeclampsia - that's not it.

I guess I'm still not "over" my Preeclampsia and loss. And I'm still baffled by this stupid, stupid, horrible illness and don't understand why some people with rude bp do ok and some people who had bp in the normal range get severely ill, have a sick baby who dies and then become hypertensive for life!!?? Me :-(

Obviously, this is my issue. There is a major jealousy thing going on inside of me. Stupid jealousy. Please don't think I'm awful, even though I feel like I am.

So...back to the issue w/ Kyle and tummy time - this baby girl that's a week older than Kyle supposedly LOVES tummy time and we saw them over the holiday and I just started getting all sensitive and insecure like I'm a bad mom, and my baby is a wussy and etc, etc...

And then my own mother was over here w/ pictures of me at 2 mos holding my head up really high on my tummy and acting like Kyle is an invalid. It doesn't help that she very obviously wanted me to have another girl - as if I could just order one up.

All right - that's enough feel sorry for me time. Thank you for the suggestions and listening. We'll keep at our tummy time - gently and lovingly.

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Re : Baby hates tummy time

Postby kara » Sat Jan 02, 638917 10:41 pm

Our DD never did have tummy time, except when she'd roll onto her tummy at night, as she got older. She had severe reflux, and the two didn't mix at all. She turned out fine. ;-) She walked at 14 months (for a 31 weeker, not too shabby). I like the idea of tumy time on mommy's tummy though! I would try to do something like that if you can. Sometimes it's just that they don't want to be away from mom, and they can't see anything with eyes on the floor.

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Re : Baby hates tummy time

Postby jmom08 » Sat Jan 02, 638917 8:09 pm

We had the same problem! We were finally able to get him to do it in short intervals, and he was more likely to do it if I (or especially DH) lay down next to him on our stomachs. We got a super colorful mat for him to look at while he was down there, and I think that helped for maybe a few hours. The Dr had no useful tips, and I don't remember finding any in books, but I did read that it's important for development, so we kept at it as much as we both could tolerate happily. DS also didn't want to crawl (did sort of a leg-dragging scoot for a few weeks & went straight to starting to walk). He can still be a pretty stubborn kid... maybe it's a personality thing? :)
Good luck, I hope it gets better!!!

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