Six Years Ago Today

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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Re : Six Years Ago Today

Postby paige_va » Mon Feb 24, 638927 7:12 pm

Thank goodness. It was a long journey, but you and the girls made it.

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Re : Six Years Ago Today

Postby annes » Tue Feb 08, 638924 10:02 am

Happy Birthday Emily!

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Six Years Ago Today

Postby celticepona » Sun Jan 16, 638924 7:29 am

I was on bedrest
I had been diagnosed with severe preeclampsia
my blood pressure was sky high the minute I sat up or rolled off my left side
I was scared to death
I was counting how many times Emily kicked me
I was waiting...
the next day, a Monday to be exact, I went in for my 35 week checkup. The nurse midwife checked me and saw that my reflexes were overreactive, a red flag the preeclampsia was progressing. A desicion was made to induce the following Wednesday.
I got worse over the next 48 hours
I was scared for my baby, and was scared over what was happening to me.
Blood pressures shooting up to 150/110, severe migraines like I have never had in my life, involuntary jerking of my muscles, something was wrong.
Thank god I got induced that Wed
Thank god Emily was born safe...small...but safe
I was on bedrest for two more weeks
My bp did not go down until I went on meds two weeks post partum
it was months before the involuntary muscle movements went away
about a year and a half for the hyperreflexia to dissappear
my baby was so tiny, 37 weeks but so small...I felt horrible she was so little...but thankful she was out of me and safe in my arms
we both recovered
we both grew and gained strength
When I was 36 weeks with her little sister, I got preeclampsia again
but we were prepared this time and doctors moved fast
I had medication and good care, and Isabelle was born a little bigger and I bounced back within a couple weeks...what a difference
Today, six years later, I look at my beautiful kindergartener and am so proud of her
how far we have come
how tall and smart and beautiful she is
I forget how scary it was six years ago

Thank you God....

On April 1, my beautiful April Fools Baby was born...early...but safe....

Happy Birthday Emily :)

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