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feeding problems small full-term baby

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 01:48 pm
by jules2

I had my baby on 17th dec by c section at 38+2 gest due to transverse lie [no pe this time!] she was 6lb 5oz, dropped to 5lb 13oz, now 6lb 0oz. We've had feeding problems since day 2 (when my milk came in). I've been terribly engorged and cracked / bleeding at times. I exclusively pumped for a day or two (my nipples were just too sore) then went back to breast; I guess partially successfully. But she has days (like today) where she just cries all day and I just keep trying to feed her but it doesn't seem to be "working" somehow. She has difficulty getting latched on, comes off and starts sucking my nipples, she gets frustrated, comes off again, takes up to 2 hours per feed and I feel the milk is being produced too slowly or something (or there is not much of it) and she's not really getting it. I had post-partum haemorrhage and my haemoglobin went down to 7 so I know I've taken quite a hit physically which might not be helping either.

I've tried massaging / hot baths etc. etc. but nothing seems to make much difference. She is now starting to gain weight, but this has been very slow, and she will not be anywhere near her birthweight by 2 weeks, as I've told she should be.

To be honest I am also getting very down and frustrated by it and feel like I just want to pump to make sure she is getting some! If I didn't have a lot of help at home from DH and his family I think I would have given up BF by now; all I'm having to do is feed her right now. But he goes back to work on Jan 11 and not sure how I will cope on my own all day after that.

Has anyone been through anything like this or have any other suggestions?