Developmental Delays

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Re: Developmental Delays

Postby ccake79 » Fri Jan 07, 640191 1:53 pm

How is she on her other milestones? Like speech or turning the pages of a book etc.? My daughter was born at 36+2 (so almost term) and my consultant reckoned I'd had pre-eclampsia pretty much from around 28 weeks. She'd stopped growing around 32 weeks and was a tiny 3lb 11oz at birth. With gross motor development she was very much behind. At the age your daughter is at the moment she too wouldn't bear any weight on her legs. In fact she didn't until she was 17 months old. She finally sat by herself at 10 months, crawled at about a year old and took her first steps at 19 months. Now she's 2 she's a confident walker - you'd never know she did all that stuff late! With her other development she has been either right on target or ahead (i.e. with speech). My consultant wasn't concerned about the sitting or walking thing as her neurological development was normal so she said that the gross motor stuff would come with time.

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Re: Developmental Delays

Postby jamie w » Tue Jun 29, 640184 5:22 am

I sent you a PM but this sounds very similar to my second pregnancy/child.
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Re: Developmental Delays

Postby tracym » Thu Aug 23, 639883 1:12 pm

I don't know anything about an association, but my oldest child born at 37 weeks was slow on all his milestones. Rolled over at 7 months, sat up around 9 months (I think!), crawled at 12 months and walked at 16 months. He is a perfectly normal (although small for age, 10th percentile for height, 5th for weight) 12.5 year old now :)

Then I have my ex 33 weeker who beat all of his milestones and she is now 75th percentile for height and weight...

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Re: Developmental Delays

Postby MomTimesThree » Wed Jul 18, 639883 7:12 pm

I'm sorry your daughter is facing delays- I'm unsure any specific connection. Have you been able to make contact with your area's early intervention programs? Every state has, and the assessments and services are free.

Keeping you guys in my thoughts,
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Developmental Delays

Postby marilyn621 » Wed Jul 18, 639883 6:55 pm

I was wondering if there is any association between pre-e and developmental delays in infants born at term. I never had any problems with my first, but I developed pre-e late in my pregnancy and delivered at 40 weeks. With my second I began experiencing symptoms around 28 weeks. My Dr did not want to induce until 39 weeks and made me carry until I became so miserable I stalked his office. NSTs consistently showed the baby's heart rate in the 180s and 190s, even over 200 at one point, which indicated she was not getting enough oxygen, but the second it would drop to the 150 range they sent me out the door. She is nearly 9 months old now and will not sit up by herself for any significant amount of time. She has never attempted to put weight on her legs and you can forget about trying to crawl. The only research I can come up with on the matter is about infants born at 32 weeks or earlier, and my Dr did not agree to induce me until after 37 weeks.
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