PE Risk in Relation to Maternal Mood & Anxiety

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Re: PE Risk in Relation to Maternal Mood & Anxiety

Postby princess purr » Tue Sep 25, 2012 04:49 pm

Well.. I guess meds wouldn't help then LOL I kept hoping the would come up with a magic cure for preeclampsia before I turned 35 but I'm turning 34 in march and guess I'm just going to have to role the dice and hope for the best.
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Re: PE Risk in Relation to Maternal Mood & Anxiety

Postby » Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:35 am

Wow, this is interesting! Although I do not have anxiety issues I am A type personality in many ways sometimes. During my last pregnancy I was working full time doing physical work ( prenatal massage) I was very stressed over money and just all over the place trying to get things done and in order. My husband wasn't very supportive, he just asumed all was good and above all we lived next door to my MIL yikes!!!! Talk about high Bp!!! This time we moved, Im only working part time and may stop if need be and although I am scared I am actually more relaxed in alot of ways then last time. I am really taking it easy and telling that A type person in me to go away for a while.
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Re: PE Risk in Relation to Maternal Mood & Anxiety

Postby lkw787 » Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:32 pm

I nearly died of HELLP Syndrome two days after ceasing lovenox injections one week before my medically necessary scheduled C-section and I was not remotely worried about the impending C-section. I was SO HAPPY AND CONFIDENT in my pregnancy (which until then had been laid back, relatively uneventful from a medical standpoint and incredibly EASY) THAT I allowed myself to have a baby shower and decorate a nursery. Hubby didn't want to create a nursery. I thought it was because he was being uncharacteristically selfish about giving up his small office to turn it into the baby's room but when I finally returned home to live six months after HELLP nearly killed me he confessed that he feared that we were not going to come home with a baby! (After three prior pregnancy losses he had a hard time believing in success.) I, on the other hand, had finally become convinced that DE (donor egg) IVF represented our only hope and that the three prior losses MUST HAVE BEEN DUE TO "OLD AGE/BAD EGGS" rather than other factors. (It had taken me a long time to accept the "old eggs" argument since I kept conceiving naturally, after giving up actively trying (!) So when I finally achieved my DE IVF conceived pg I was HAPPY, BLISSED OUT, RELAXED AND CONVINCED WE WERE "HOME FREE." IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME TO WORRY ABOUT ME, only about my baby being born healthy.

My mood when pregnant was BLISSED OUT, happy, relaxed, worrying about NOTHING. I had been laid off from my high stress creative job early on in the pg so had done NOTHING STRESSFUL, instead, eating right, exercising (prenatal yoga and swim aerobics), and resting.

So, I don't think mood had anything to do with my getting HELLP, but rather bad genetics: whatever paternal genetics contribute to HELLP as well as AMA (I was 44) and the fact of having used donor oocytes to conceive (which I hear also ups the risk though I'm not sure why.)

NOT MOOD...I WAS BLISSED OUT, RELAXED, OVERJOYED...Please ladies, lets not blame ourselves. God knows so many others are eager to do that, lets not help pile on unnecessary guilt.



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