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Re: placenta research

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 640533 4:05 am
by eleni

One more thing regarding donating your placenta for research -- there are placenta banks in some academic teaching hospitals around the country. So it could depend on where you are located. Let me know and I'll see if we know any nearby investigators.


Re: placenta research

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 640526 2:44 am
by laney_p
Hey Sarah,

Sorry for the delay in response; I just saw your post! We do not do direct placental sample collection, but there are some local studies that sometimes take placental donations. You might ask your local hospital or your Ob and find out if there are any nearby studies.

In addition, check out The Preeclampsia Registry ( for more information on participating in research because we would really love to get you involved as a HELLP syndrome survivor!

Best wishes,

Re: placenta research

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 640526 6:40 pm
by Rubbie78
Thanks Sarah! I like both names you picked and I won't tell anyone. We kept our rainbow Malachi name a secret until after he was born

Re: placenta research

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 640526 7:26 am
by sarahkm
Congratulations Rubbie! I'm glad they were able to deliver Malachi early and he did well. Love the name! We are expecting another boy and are glad that Elias will have a brother. His name probably will be Jonah or Jonas ( is a secret), but we are still trying to figure out the middle name.

Thanks! Sarah

Re: placenta research

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 640526 3:18 pm
by Rubbie78

Congratulations! I do not have any information on placenta research but so happy to hear you're expecting again. We delivered our rainbow baby boy in January 2015 after losing our first born son Elijah in September 2015. I remember your journey encouraged us to try again. Thank you!


placenta research

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 640524 1:14 pm
by sarahkm

I just received an e-mail with updates from the preeclampsia foundation and was wondering if there is any need for donations of placentas for research from those who have had HELLP syndrome in the past. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and am doing ok. I will be induced in about 4 weeks and would like to contribute to the research if possible.

Thanks for any input or help!
Sarah Morlock