TTC #2

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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julie f
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Re : TTC #2

Postby julie f » Mon Jun 10, 638616 8:15 am


Hey and welcome back!! I wish you the very best of luck in TTC and of course a long and uncomplicated pregnancy!!! Keep us posted!

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TTC #2

Postby holliadrienne » Sat May 18, 638616 3:54 pm's so surreal to be back here! I had my son in July 2006, with preeclampsia. During my weeks of bedrest I spent so many hours in here...I wouldn't have made it through such a difficult time without this site and all of the lovely people here.

So, my son will be 3 in July...and we are ready for #2. I am TERRIFIED of course of having the same I am hi everyone :)

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