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Re: questions for MFM

Posted: Sun Apr 13, 639253 3:32 pm
by blythe
Jasmin, if I'm remembering right your MFM didn't start you on Lovenox, and at first didn't think he would use it, then he saw something in your pregnancy progression (around 12 weeks?) that made him think it became appropriate for you. Could you say more about those circumstances? It's important to me to point out the research and the expert opinions that are less enthusiastic about anticoagulants, but I also don't want to miss something that is developing "in the wild" that is fodder for future research - and for other women to compare their situations to. So what was it about your particular case that led your doctor to prescribe Lovenox?

Jen, I'm very interested in what your MFM says to your questions! You can also search the archives and the Ask the Experts forum for similar questions / answers, or even ask them one at a time and see what our current members' experiences have been. Good luck!!

Re: questions for MFM

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 639253 6:07 pm
by riehlism
I would ask about his/her thoughts on Lovenox shots. A lot of us ladies here do the baby aspirin and lovenox thing. So far, we're doing great. I think the trend is to do baby aspirin at the very least. And it seems that docs are more open to using Lovenox. The idea of giving yourself a daily shot isn't great. But really, it's not that bad. Also, I do not have any underlying blood clotting disorders so you do not need to have one to reap the benefit of Lovenox.

Re: questions for MFM

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 639253 11:03 am
by princesspurr
I would ask about exercise program, how they will monitor you, any other supplements you should take before and during the pregnancy. I'm kinda of in the same boat, I'm going to my normal OBGYN on the 29th and seeing what they refer me to do. I don't plan to start trying until November though. I want to drop a few more pounds and start taking what ever they think I should take (extra folic acid etc). Good luck!

questions for MFM

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 639253 6:02 pm
by jend01
Made my mfm appointment for my pre-conception counseling! They couldn't get me in until the end of August :( I will not be waiting that long to "try again" though lol! I have an apt with my ob/gyn next Friday and will get as much info from her as I can, therapy apt to get off Zoloft same day, still need to make an apt with my nephrologists about switching and monitoring my BP meds! Probably should see my neurologist as well! WOW, so much to do and I am not even pregnant yet!!

So what kind of questions should I ask? (Is there a Iist anywhere on this site?) I am making a list:

Risks of staying on Zoloft? (I may need a low dose, not sure I would be comfortable enough not too without wild panic attacks)
Can I take xanax as needed if I do get off the Zoloft?

Baby aspirin Risks, benefits?

I was anemic in my last pregnancy; do I need to start taking iron, folic acid?

I was on prometrium for the first trimester in my last pregnancy, should that be repeated?

Should I start any special diet?

According to my last labs, I have trace amounts of protein in my urine still. Nephrologists says I have some kidney scarring from the eclampsia, should I do regular urine test starting early because of this?

Does bed rest really help?