Terrified but baby fever has won the fight.

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re: Terrified but baby fever has won the fight.

Postby Alexia_ata » Mon Jun 30, 639902 12:39 am

Thanks for your reply!! I appreciate the support.
It is scary and I am looking forward to meeting with my doctor Friday to discuss a referral and everything else needed to make this happen.

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Re: Terrified but baby fever has won the fight.

Postby tree » Mon Dec 18, 639899 5:04 am

Hello and welcome.
It is normal to feel traumatized after a battle with pre-eclampsia and a traumatic delivery. This site has helped me deal with that, and it was easier after I realized that it is normal to be scared after going through that. You had a really hard delivery. This forum also reminds me daily that my daughter and I are very lucky, blessed, and fortunate that we had a good outcome. We both recovered fully. It took longer than we wanted, but we got there. Counseling helps a lot. I had to work through a bunch of things before I was even willing to talk to the doctor again.

I was terrified of getting pregnant again until this year. My daughter is 4, and I had a completely clean and great checkup after a year of (possibly unrelated) health problems. I gained a lot of confidence from talking with my OB and internist. Many women feel better and more confident after meeting with an MFM and better understanding their odds. It also helps to have a care team that you are confident can get you through it. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent PreE, but it helps to feel a little more in control by reclaiming your health and getting your team together.

I think we have some military posters on the board. One of them might have some suggestions for dealing with referrals and Tri-Care.
Daughter born April 2009 at 35 weeks due to Class 1 HELLP

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Terrified but baby fever has won the fight.

Postby Alexia_ata » Wed Dec 06, 639899 9:20 pm

I am a total newbie to this site. First, I have to say thank you all for posting all of your stories. It was truly amazing to read that so many women have endured and survived what I did and had healthy, beautiful babies and even go on to have normal pregnancies after.
Ok, so here is my story. I was 24 when my husband and I planned and got pregnant with our son. I was in wonderful health. I taught Taekwondo and was in great physical shape. So, I made the totally incorrect assumption that I would have an easy pregnancy.
Around week 8 my BP started to creep up, I started getting migraines and being a bit dizzy for the most part. I chalked it up to a normal pregnancy thing as my urine didn't have any protein. I am pretty sure people assumed that I was just a bit whiny due to the hormones. Week 12 my BP started to move higher and they found protein. My OB said that it was a bit uncommon to have pre-eclampsia that early in a pregnancy, especially when I didn't have any weight issues or anything. So, he put me on bed rest and advised me to cease teaching, of course. Along with my BP, my weight started to creep up. The lack of activity I guess.
By week 20 My bp was classified as stage 1 hypertension and my protein levels increased. They started me on various meds to lower both. Our son was still doing well and appeared to not have any issues.
Fast forward many weeks of bed rest, weekly appts, and my bp and protein steadily rising. In week 37 (6 hospital stays later) I went to my appt and I was ridiculously swollen, to the point that the skin between my toes actually was starting to split and bleed, my bp was 210/120 and I was having a hard time focusing on even a simple conversation, my head was throbbing and I had the worst dry mouth ever.
My Dr sent me directly to the hospital. The DR on call there said that I should have been admitted long before then and that they had to induce me immediately after they lowered my BP to a stable number. They administered magnesium and my bp lowered not too long after. They began the induction. They administered cervadil and pitocin. The cervidil had an adverse reaction and basically caused my BP to sky rocket again. So, my labor had begun but I was not progressing well. 29 hours later I was able to begin pushing. I pushed for over 2.5 hours and the last 30 minutes my son's heart rate was steadily dropping with each push. Then my bp began to rise again and my hr was getting dangerously high. They decided to do an emergency c-section. The surgeon said they had to sedate me completely due to my BP and HR and to speed things up a bit. The next thing I know I am alone in recovery, no clue as to what has happened with my son and totally terrified. My husband came in and told me that our son was slightly under weight but completely healthy. Now, they had to focus on me. My bp was rising again and I began to lose vision. My sight was as if I had just looked into the sun. It was dark and unrecognizable. I ended up passing out and waking up over a day later.
I didn't get to hold my son after the c-section. I didn't get to watch my husband see him and not to forget the physical pain and such that went along with that.
Now, my son is an amazingly healthy 4 year old. He has had no health problems, by the grace of God. As for me, I had my gallbladder removed shortly after my c-section and once my BP settled.
We always had a plan to have 2 kids within a few years of each other. Well, after that experience I was a bit…hesitant. It's been 4 years. Baby fever has set in. But, the fear of pre-eclampsia/eclampsia reoccurring has me terrified. We are military and trying to get Tricare to allow us to see a specialist is like pulling teeth. I won't get pregnant again until I am able to see one.
I was naive to think that because I was healthy I would have an easy pregnancy…or a normal one at least. We planned our son to the day. We planned out what we wanted for the birth and didn't get to experience any of it. We wanted a natural birth, skin to skin, to breast feed and to avoid all meds. Of course, there were other plans in the works for us. I am so very grateful for our son. He is perfect in every way but I feel a bit…traumatized by the pregnancy. I want to lose the fear and meet with a MFM and see what they say.
Does anyone have any advice? Similar situations with a favorable outcome? Things to avoid? Anything is helpful at this point.

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