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Retired Kansas Coordinator

Postby youtan » Fri Nov 05, 637345 10:29 pm

Hi Kansans!! I'm so glad that you've stopped by to check on the local group. I'll go first and introduce myself. I'm the Local Coordinator for the state of Kansas. I'd like to share a little bit about myself so you can get a sense for why I'm involved with the PF.

My experiences with preeclampsia actually begins a couple of generations back. My grandmother was diagnosed with preeclampsia (called uric acid poisoning, or something like that) and delivered my mother one month early. My Mom was a 4lb preemie. My mother went on to have one completely successful pregnancy when my big brother was born. Contrary to popular statistics, she had eclampsia post-partum for her 2nd pregnancy after a 'normal' 1st pregnancy - of which I'm the result.

Skipping to me, you're thinking (as I should have) that I was doomed for complications. But, being the stubborn (determined sounds better), woman that I am, and with the assurances from my midwives - I'd practically shrugged off any ideas of preeclampsia. You'll notice in my signature that I had HELLP syndrome with my first pregnancy. My son and I are both extrememly appreciative that we've gotten past the tramadic experiences. And then, I got pregnancy again... My 2nd time was not less traumatic as I was in the hospital for 4 wks waiting for the inevitable.

After Jonathan had grown up some - I'd remembered that I'd stumbled upon the PF before I was pregnant with him looking for more info on stats of reoccurancing preE. At that time there wasn't a forum and I still wasn't honest with myself about my inclination for preE, so I didn't think anything of it. But, after finishing school - I figured it was time finally for me to deal with the emotions from my pregnancies - and found the forum last year. At first, I must have cried constantly when reading the posts here. Then I realized that having a connection to others was so theraputic - and helping others get through this is even more important to me.

So, thanks for reading this far. And please feel free to share your story here. I'd love to meet you!!!

With Many Regards,

Tanya (31)
Local Group Moderator & Kansas Coordinator
Nathanial 3/6/99 HELLP 27 wks, 1lb 10oz
Jonathan 8/9/02 PIH/low fluid 34 wks, 4lb 8 oz

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