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Re: Introduction

Posted: Sat May 28, 639250 3:49 am
by blythe
Hello Karoline, yes, we do have a delay built into our system, one of the many tweaks we've made to our forums to discourage spammers and other individuals who try to post information that is not related to preeclampsia. Unfortunately, many people are unscrupulous and try to sell things or take our members to sites with viruses. I hope the modifications we've made for our own protection and the protection of our members is not too inconvenient, and that you are able to ask your preeclampsia-related questions. We are here to help.


Posted: Sat May 28, 639250 12:57 am
by Karoline Tayloe
Hey, I've got a short query. Does anyone else notice a slight lag using this community forum whenever they get access? It can take at least five seconds or so for me to get the index page.