Is there still a Michigan Chapter?

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Re : Is there still a Michigan Chapter?

Postby carolh » Sat Mar 27, 637019 8:43 pm

Hi Jani (and any one else from Michigan) -

First, yes there is still a Michigan chapter and thus far I am the 'Coordinator'. I apologize for not staying in touch with the Michigan members as well as I would have liked. Since our first meeting last June we have not reconvened. It seems the summer flew by and then I had some personal issues occur (my father passed away) so the rest of the year was spent on family issues. However, since the first of the year I have been working with the national office to help with chapter development and I am excited that things are finally moving forward.

There is currently some brainstorming going on among all the chapter coordinators afterwhich we should have much to report to the members within our state. We will also be needing lots of feedback from all the members to help strategize how our state chapter can procede.

I would like to organize a Michigan meeting during the month of April. It seems that a Sat or Sun works best so that working hours is not an issue and child care can more easily be accomplished. I am open to having someone else host the meeting since I know that Ann Arbor can be a quite a drive for some. It is likely that we will have to rotate meeting places to accomodate everyone.

Give me your thoughts on a particular Sat or Sun in April. Hopefully others will reply as well. I also plan to directly email all the registered Michigan members but do not yet have an updated list.

I'm glad Michigan is getting back on the map![:)]

Carol Hamilton, Pharm.D.
Preeclampsia Foundation
Michigan Coordinator
Ann Arbor

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Is there still a Michigan Chapter?

Postby tanjanika » Mon Jan 04, 637019 7:53 am

I know that one had been organized around Ann Arbor, but I've not heard anything since the 1st meeting, that I missed... [:I]

Anyway, I was thinking that maybe we could start a Metro Detroit Chapter, for those of us in the city & Northern suburbs, like me. Ann Arbor is quite a hike for some of us, although I'd be willing to make it, if the chapter is still in existance.


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