Advocacy Alert - Call to Action

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Advocacy Alert - Call to Action

Postby angelkat » Sun Feb 11, 637979 11:18 pm

Good Morning!

Our goal today is for 5,000 personal invitations to go out to the friends and family of PF by midnight and to hit an email blast total of 10,000 personal email appeals by midnight Friday night. If you forward a message to everyone you know or send a personal message to just one person, you will help us make a difference as a group.

Consider sending a quick personal message to everyone you know encouraging them to support our PF walks. You will create awareness while asking for support of our National PF fundraiser whether people are able to give or not. Volunteers sending the WAT link to friends and family is the most effective way to generate donations (based on the "in honor of" and "in memory of" lines on our admin. accounting report).

Please email the number of people you've contacted to me or post it here in response to this alert. If you need help or a sample message, let me know, I will be available most of today to help our volunteers make this happen. If there is no walk in your area, encourage friends and family to choose the Solo Walk option and walk with us Saturday or on a later date, where ever they may be. It is never too late to make a difference.

Is one in 12 really okay? Think about how many women and babies we have lost while you read this message and consider making time to do this today. We need to stand up and make a statement for these women, babies, families and for ourselves. This can't wait. Give it your best shot! We need you.

Thanks for your help promoting the walks! Feel free to copy and edit this message and make it your own. Please remember to be respectful of the contact information of others by using either the bcc line or other measures to protect confidentiality and prevent spam for those on your contact list.

Best regards,

Kathy Maguire
Director of Volunteer Development

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