New Jersey Walk-A-Thon

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New Jersey Walk-A-Thon

Postby jenprzygoda » Wed Jan 31, 638920 1:06 pm

This is my first year on the forum and my son will be a year old May 8th. I was wondering if there are any walk-a-thons in the central jersey area. I would love to spend my son's first birthday walking to raise money for PF. The day he was born was the best (he and I are both alive) and worst (the singe worst experience of my life) and I just don't even want to think about what happened to me. HELLP is awful and I am so thankful to have a place to come for healing without having to explain my condition to everyone I meet on the forum. I am realizing that this forum has been a major part of my emotional recovery and walking to raise money just feels like something that may make me feel even better. Thanks for any information and thanks for your help, support, and friendship (even if I usually just watch from afar so that I don't feel so alone).

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