From Upstate NY Looking to share my story...

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Re : From Upstate NY Looking to share my story...

Postby pmciufo » Thu Apr 01, 2010 03:27 pm

So sorry for you losses, Skye2016. I am working on passing a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth bill. If you think this is something you might want for Elijah, hope you will consider signing the petition. ... birth-bill

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Re : From Upstate NY Looking to share my story...

Postby missgamecock » Fri Oct 23, 2009 02:27 pm

I'm in Western NY between Buffalo and Rochester. I don't have time to respond but you can email me through my profile. I am so sorry for your losses!

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From Upstate NY Looking to share my story...

Postby skye2016 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 02:04 pm

I came across this website many times but never had the courage to sign-up and write... The first time I found this site was when I was in the hospital on bedrest back in June 2009.

Here's my Story....

September 2000 - I gave birth to a wonderful and loving son. My pregnancy was absolutely wonderful. Nothing went wrong until I went into labor the doctor's informed me that I had to be induced because my BP was 200/120 and that they believe I had pre-eclampsia. It was all well and good because on that exact date was my due date so I was exactly 40 weeks when I delivered him.

May 2008 - I went to the doctor for my 20 weeks sono and check to find out I was having a little boy. I was so excited and overjoyed. Then the next day while I was @ work I started spotting. Went to my doctor to get checked and she informed me that I was 3-4cm dilated. I'm like what?!?! I'm not having any contractions or anything. So I was rushed to the hospital where they checked me again and said that I closed back up to 1cm but that membrane (sack) was starting to come through the birth canal and there was nothing they could do for me. So on May 3, 3008 after 15 hours of labor I gave birth to my sleeping son Elijah @ 20 weeks.

June 2009 - "Pregnant with a little girl" was the best news I heard in years. I was so over joyed I just knew my family would now be complete. The pregnancy was not like any of my other(s). It was so hard. I had to have surgery for a cerclage @ 16 to help with the Incompent Cervix. So I was on bedrest from 16 weeks on... Never had a cerclage before so I didn't know what to expect. I was going back and forth the docs like 3 times a week with pulling achy pain. I just knew the cerclage was not working; but it was! I now know that that's what it does as your cervix tries to open the cerclage pulls back to keep it closed. (This is all normal). Then around 20 weeks my BP would start to go up and down like every other visit. 21 weeks in I spilled level 1 protein in my urine and the next week went back to the doctor's and it was gone. Then around 22 weeks started spilling again; still level 1.

Then the I went from being on moderate bedrest to strict bedrest. Around 24 weeks my levels of protein keep raising... The doc's my OB & my peri or MFM told me to keep drinking more and more water to clear my kidney's etc... But that didn't do anything. Finally around 25 weeks, I went in for a check up thinking I had a yeast infection from the vaginal prosterone to help for the Incompent Cervix. Come to find out no infection but my BP was really high like 140/100 and my protein level was a +4. I now bought myself a trip to L&D. I stay in L&D for about 3 days where my BP went up and down. Finally on the fourth day my doc's decided to give my the steriod shots because they knew it wasn't looking to good and that I would probably deliver in the next couple of days.

I was given the steriod shots on day 4 and 5 of being in L&D. On day 6 I given (MAG) and transferred to the Trauma hospital where my MFM doc's work so they can better monitor me and treat the baby because they have a level 3 NICU. I stayed in the other hospital for 2 days and on the 3rd day I woke up that morning feeling like as if I was going to die. I told my husband to please go get the doctor because I'm not feeling to good. Five doctor's came in and said Mommy it's time and I cried for about 20 minutes and they prep me for emergency surgery. C-section lasted about 1 1/2 hours My baby girl came out crying her eyes out. They rushed her up to the NICU. She was doing fabulous even though she was under weight for her gestional age. She was only 1.5 pounds and should have been more like 2.5 or more. The pre-eclampsia had destroyed the placenta and she has slowed down in growth.

Day 1 of her life she was fighting and beating all the odds. Day 2 she kept fighting and beating all the odds. Goin into day 3 out of no where so just took a turn for the worst and after running every test in the world they could figure out what was happening and why it was happening but her organs starting shutting down and she passed away. I had no clue that she was going to pass. I know the life of a preemie they have there good and bad days so I just knew that's what it was. But now she's gone. The ache and pain that I feel is like no other. My husband and I don't have any children together and I'm praying for is just one of our own. I can't replace any of the two that I lost and in there own way they touched my heart and life forever.

My 2010 plan is to go for a preconceptiopn consult with my same MFM doc's who treated me for my IC. I want to be test for everything in the world. I want to know what is or how I should prepare for next time. My pre-eclampsia went from mild to severe in the matter of days so I didn't have time to prepare or try to deal with it through bedrest. I keep reading so many different stories of if you had it bad one time you may or may not get it with the next or if you do it will not be as bad. I'm so scared and nervous and I just don't want another heart break. I don't want to have to bury another child every again.

Thank you all in advance for your kind words and support.... I look forward to building a friendship with you guys....

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