Anyone from North Carolina out there?

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Re : Anyone from North Carolina out there?

Postby jane999999 » Fri Apr 02, 637041 8:13 pm

I am! I am living in the OuterBanks. I had eclampsia with my first and post partum PE with my second. I am working on #3 - I will be having a c-section Friday (09/17). My first two were both full term and healthy and hopefully this one will be too! (39 weeks on Friday)

Amanda (17yo) - 42 weeks eclampsia
David (12yo) - 41 post-partum PE
Madeline or Donald - 39 weeks Friday!!!!

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Anyone from North Carolina out there?

Postby caitlynsmama » Thu Feb 04, 637041 10:22 pm

Hi! I just came into this part and wanted to see if there is anyone out there from North Carolina? Caitlyn and I are from Southport, NC. I would love to meet someone from this state.

Shannon Mommy to Caitlyn Elizabeth 30 weeks, 3 days born (8/26/2003) early due to PE, IUGR, HELLP syndrome, premature rupture of membranes

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