PF-wide Max & Erma's fundraiser

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PF-wide Max & Erma's fundraiser

Postby carolh » Sat Sep 28, 637044 7:30 am

Aimee in GA is blazing the path for the rest of us to get on board with this Max & Erma's fundraising opportunity!

We are now trying to coordinate a PF-wide effort to simultaneously organize a Proceeds Day at as many Max & Erma's locations in as many states as we have volunteers (their restaurants are located in only 11 states though). The idea is to coordinate the event to occur on the same day in each location. The day of choice is Tuesday, November 16th........National Prematurity Awareness Day, as designated by the March of Dimes. We felt we could benefit from whatever marketing/PR efforts that the MOD will already have in place on this day. The fliers that Max & Erma's would create for us would have language the incorporates PE as 'the leading cause of prematurity'.

I have directly emailed the Group Coordinators for OH, IL, IN, MO, WI and PA to see if they are available to coordinate this in their states. I've also emailed the MI membership to see if there are others outside of Ann Arbor that could help set this up at other MI locations.

I'm looking for anyone else interested in driving this in KY, NC or VA. There are only 6 locations in KY (at the airport, 2 in Lexington, 2 in Louisville, and 1 in Prospect), 2 in NC (Charlotte and Huntersville) and 2 in VA (VA Bch and Norfolk).

Also, if you live in one of the other states listed above and are interested in helping out with the distribution of fliers and sending out a mass email, please contact your Group Coordinator or me and I'll get you in touch with them.

The great thing about this is that it's really a no-brainer. There are no out of pocket costs and the only leg work involves distributing the fliers and sending out mass emails. And, people are likely to come to the restaurant since it's an easy way to donate while doing something they normally do anyway.......eating out!

Help us to make this a unified event and raise some needed cash!


Carol Hamilton, Pharm.D.
Michigan Coordinator
National Group Coordinator
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