Intro -- Still Active?

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Re : Intro -- Still Active?

Postby kara » Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:01 pm

Hi Amy,

Welcome to the boards. So sorry that you experienced HELLP and your son was born so early, but glad that you are both doing better now and that you found us. You are unfortunately in good company around here.

There isn't always much going on in the "state" boards, but I encourage you to post your story in "ask the experienced" which is where most people intoduce themselves, and where you'll get more replies. We are kind of one big family around here.

We will be having an Awareness walk in Pennsylvania - several actually - in May 09. I'm not sure if we have one scheduled in Ohio yet - we had a very successful walk in Cincinati and one in Dayton last year. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the walks, or hosting your own, please shoot me an email at: [email protected] We have a great program!

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Intro -- Still Active?

Postby ejparp06 » Wed Jan 28, 2009 07:53 pm

Hello. I would like to introduce myself and see if the group is still active as I notice there are not any posts in over 6 months.

My name is Amy and I live in Ashtabula County having just scooted across the border from Erie. I am an Ohio native. I grew up in the Akron area and have lived in Athens, Columbus and Cleveland (east side).

My son was born 1/04/2008 at 28-weeks due to HELLP syndrome. I had sudden onset and relatively mild symptoms (no headaches or nausea), but I did have full-blown HELLP. I spent 3 days in ICU and my son spent 79 days in the NICU before coming home on O2 and a heart monitor.

I have fully recovered and my son is doing well. We are interested in getting involved both to find support and to help spread the word about PE and especially HELLP syndrome.


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