Anyone in the Chattanooga Area?

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Re : Anyone in the Chattanooga Area?

Postby crogers » Fri Jan 07, 637656 9:39 am


Yes, I actually live near Chattanooga (about 30 minutes away) and gave birth to my baby in Erlanger. I had severe PE with HELLP and actually seized....I would love to talk with you about your experience and I would love to raise awareness in TN...

This is a very late reply to your post, but just wanted to say hello.


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Anyone in the Chattanooga Area?

Postby lrreardo » Mon Nov 02, 637367 5:32 pm

I have pretty much lived in Chattanooga my entire life. I am wondering if anyone is near this area or the northwestern GA area that has any plans of raising awareness for preeclampsia/eclampsia. I want to know what I can do to help. When I talk to people about my experience with my first child, most don't have a clue what I am talking about. I wonder how many children and mothers could be saved if women actually knew what to watch for--I thought that the flashing lights I was seeing was because I was overly tired or that my blood glucose was low. Thankfully in my case, I have a happy 10 month old boy. If all goes to plan, as of next week, I will have another happy little boy.

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