dr rec and pospartum PE

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Re : dr rec and pospartum PE

Postby cbevens » Sun May 26, 638920 5:25 am

I just miraculously delivered a healthy baby boy at 38 weeks dispite having super high blood pressure starting at 12 weeks of 196/134. I am glad I switched OB's who sent me to a obsterical hypertention specalist. With in six hours of his treatment plan my BP's were stable and remained so though out pregnancy. I took atenolol, hydralazine, and lasix. Please email me if you live in washington and want his name.

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Re : dr rec and pospartum PE

Postby eleni » Wed Sep 18, 638622 4:01 pm

You can also use the Physician Locator function at www.smfm.org to find a maternal fetal medicine specialist in your area.

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Re : dr rec and pospartum PE

Postby kara » Tue Aug 27, 638622 3:57 pm


Post partum preeclampsia can appear up to 6 weeks postpartum....and it can move swiftly and be severe. It is very important that you get checked out and as soon as possible. If you are less than 6 weeks out from delivery, and if I were you, I'd get to the hospital this evening, ask to see the Perinatologist on duty. If there isn't one on duty, ask to see the OB on duty to be screened for HELLP syndrome. That would include a blood pressure check, a urine test, and blood work to check liver enzymes and platelets. It's hardly a big deal to do those simple tests, but it's a big deal as far as your health and life are concerned.

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dr rec and pospartum PE

Postby abbysmom » Tue Aug 27, 638622 2:08 am

I was diagnosed with PE at 38 weeks and was induced. My pressure never went up but my urine was about 300 so they induced me I had mag etc. My pressures after delivery were really good and continue to be good however I have had nausea a headache (just bothersome not severe) and pain right below my right breast for a few days now. I have called my OB multiple times and he is saying maybe I have the flu etc. I feel really put off and don't want to freak out because I think HELLP would be more severe but I am not happy with my OB care and think I possibly need to see a second opinion. If anyone knows a good OB in the Tacoma area or has thoughts/similar experience that would be helpful!

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