My sister is in intensive care, I need your info/tips,please

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My sister is in intensive care, I need your info/tips,please

Postby HerBrother » Thu Apr 09, 639868 9:43 pm

This will probably contain typos and be quite a messy post. I apologize.

Hi you brave moms,

My sister (20) is currently in intensive care. She is connected to breathing machines and a lot of other machines too.

I will try to lay this out for you as clearly as possible:

She has been suffering for the last 3 days but expert doctor said it's probably nothing. Today my mother noticed yellow in her eyes, called me to see if she was imagining and I saw it. This was 3:30PM. She almost did not eat for the 2 days and have been suffering pains, and throwed up too. Please, I am not looking for future advice or condolences, I need a better picture of where our chances stand. I know this is not official advisory forum but any piece of info can be useful.

Anyway, husband took her to hospital after I researched on it. It was around 5:30 pm.

I think they got her in c-surgey at 19:45 or 20:45.

21:30 they come out of the room, the baby, weight 2.7 kilos is on life support. They tell us she is going to be okay.

20 minutes later they tell us she is on life support, and that serious damage has been done to the liver and kidneys.

An hour later one of the doctors came out, said that she is "no longer in life danger, but still on life support, and we don't know what will happen with kidneys and liver, things haven't worsened though".

It is now 3:32 AM, I'm at the hospital, and because I will not trust a doctor again in my life, I need information. Dad and mom are divorced and she is their favorite child. Rightly so. Pure angel. So kind. I need to be as analytical and as strategical as possible on the next few days, I'm not looking for re-assurance, just an action plan of what I should in case this or that unfolds.

My sister has a small body, suffers anemia. Had a hard time conceiving. First pregnency. Baby no longer on life support but is being watched.

Any one know what is the mortality rate of mothers that got to the LIFE SUPPORT section?
What are the chances of severe long term complications given she is on life support?
What we should look for in the next few days?
What questions should I ask doctors
Given that she is no longer in life danger, what are the changes she will have really severe issues like veggie state, blindness or incapability?
How fast or slow should her body progress.

Give me anything. Whether good or bad. I need tonnage expectations and actions for me and the family.

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