No underlying conditions?

Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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Re: No underlying conditions?

Postby valdawg20 » Sat Oct 30, 640190 9:00 am

I'm happy that you ladies listed all the testing you received to discover any underlying tests. I am going to a follow-up appointment tomorrow to see if any of the tests listed have been completed. I just got the results of my APS and it came back negative. It's a little disappointing because I wanted some type of answer as to why severe pre-e had happened to me. I have been reading that many women who are not diagnosed with any underlying blood clotting disorders are still put on medications such as lovenox since all blood clotting disorders have not been determined. I wish I had the percentage of women who received lovenox or another med who previously had severe-pre-e and had better outcomes. I just hate not having any answers. I had severe pre-e with my daughter at 23 weeks :( Alvarin is probably correct, it may be just genetics! But there is nothing in his family or mine that shows any pre-e (or that I am aware of). Thanks for the input.

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Re: No underlying conditions?

Postby Dinah85 » Fri Jun 04, 640184 7:12 pm

I have no underlying reason. We thought we'd found one but just got the normal result a few days ago. I'm pretty gutted to be honest as I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my second child after having DD at 28+0 after I went from trace protein to pre e to hellp and delivery all in the space of 5 days. I'm terrified the same or worse will happen this time.

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Re: No underlying conditions?

Postby tree » Fri Jan 02, 639903 3:15 pm

I also got tested for a long list of underlying conditions after HELLP, and everything came back normal. I asked my doctor about it at my last appointment, and she said that they often never find an underlying condition that causes it. It can be hard to accept that there is no identifiable reason for developing HELLP.
I agree with alviarin that it is just genetics, maybe with a touch of bad luck. I think that it is more common not to find anything.
Daughter born April 2009 at 35 weeks due to Class 1 HELLP

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Re: No underlying conditions?

Postby alviarin » Mon Dec 22, 639902 5:59 pm

Well my only underlying condition is thyroid disease, but I've known plenty of ladies with on thyroid meds with normal pregnancies. I did go on to develop chronic hypertension after my second pregnancy. I have had high ANA levels in past but all follow up antibody tests were normal (so I'm hoping it is just due to autoimmune thyroid disease and not something else!).

I think for me personally it might be genetic. My dad and husband were both pre-e babies. My husband's sister only developed preeclampsia with her second pregnancy- but her husband at the time had a family history of preeclampsia too (not so with her first partner). My three sisters had normal pregnancies. So my guess is that it is something about my & my partners DNA/immune systems not meshing well together that might be causing preeclampsia.
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Connor (severe pre-e at 38 weeks)
Claire (dx'd with pre-e and induction at 37 weeks)
Annabelle (chronic HTN & GD, superimposed pre-e @34 weeks, induction @37 weeks)

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No underlying conditions?

Postby jjones1333 » Sat Dec 20, 639902 7:27 am

Does anyone not having an underlying condition even after multiple pe/hellp experiences? After my severe pree at 25 weeks with my first I was tested for Lupus, RA, protein deficiencies, Factor V, and another blood disorder I forgot. All negative. My older sister does have a protein S deficiency though. She did not have pe. Anyways, my second pregnancy wasn't too bad. Just a slight scare at 34 weeks for elevated enzymes, which turned out to be fine, and low af (7) a few days before my scheduled cs at 37 weeks 4 days. This last one I was hit with low platelets at 40 weeks 2 days and had a rcs the next day. My enzymes were slightly elevated, but still in general normal range. I was dx with gestational Thrombocytopenia. I was just wondering if there was a test my doctors missed, or I am just a weirdo.

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