How long are your walks?

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Re : How long are your walks?

Postby twinqtsdad » Tue Feb 18, 637653 1:05 pm

WOW 5k, I guess i have been gone a long time, the walks, for cancer and MS that i used to go on were arond 20 miles, took the whole day. They were always lots of fun, i guess it started to be a sign as the last cancer bike-a-thon was 20 miles, so the sign of the times was to stop walking and start riding.
I do remember my first walk, called the hike for hunger way back in the early 70's, it was 30 miles. Lots of blisters were had by the walkers then.
Well i hope i can get something going for this group.
Who is in for the Chicago area? I was thinking Busse woods (near Schaumburg), or Naperville river walk. Anyone know the area to comment?
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Re : How long are your walks?

Postby aimeejane » Wed Nov 06, 637652 8:41 am

We did 1.1 miles last year. We're at the same park this year, but we're either going to do three laps (3.3 miles, just over 5K), or cross over and use the path around the adjacent soccer complex as well.

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Re : How long are your walks?

Postby lors63 » Sat Sep 21, 637652 7:10 am

I am so retarded I mapped it last year for 5 miles and my husband is like you have 5 K here thats not 5 miles, DUH< so anyways had to change all paperwork, but we did 5 MILES last year. Piece of cake in flipflops and everything! :)

Dawn D
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Re : How long are your walks?

Postby Dawn D » Fri Sep 20, 637652 11:05 am

last year we lapped our route 3 times totaling 3.1 miles/5K.

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Re : How long are your walks?

Postby molly419 » Mon Sep 09, 637652 4:54 pm

Our walk is 2.5 miles

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Re : How long are your walks?

Postby mom2tori » Mon Sep 09, 637652 4:38 pm

Ours is about 3 miles (give or take)

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Re : How long are your walks?

Postby timelessbeauty » Mon Sep 09, 637652 5:36 am

You are right on track Julie, we have a 3.1 mile/5 K walk here. It's mapped out downtown along the canal.

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Re : How long are your walks?

Postby kdreher » Sun Sep 08, 637652 9:42 am


That is how long ours was last year - a 5K is right around 3 miles. We had it at a park that had a one mile paved loop so we just walked it three times around. I think it was perfect, especially for those who wanted to walk and were a bit out of shape, those pushing strollers or even walking dogs (though we didn't have dogs - weren't allowed to). I would think after 3 miles you might have some that loose interest. We also said if anyone wanted to run they were more than welcome to, we didn't differentiate runners or walkers w/ prizes or anything.

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julie f
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How long are your walks?

Postby julie f » Thu Aug 29, 637652 5:13 am

Hey everyone!

Just wondering how long your walk will be? Right now I've got our path at 3 miles, is that too long?

Thanks for any ideas/comments/suggestions!

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