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Re : Post WAT Feedback HERE!

Postby aimeejane » Wed May 24, 2006 03:10 pm

Hi everyone!

Atlanta's walk was so much fun - gorgeous weather, great new friends, and money and awareness raised! [:D]

We had about 20 walkers, plus the little kids, walking in our park that morning. The weather was beautiful, with the rain holding off until we were almost finished packing up to go home.

We raised about $3,000, which includes all registrations, sponsorships, silenct auctions, donations, etc. We are very proud!

And I want to give a special shout-out of thanks to Dawn for bringing up her family (all of them!) from Florida, and for her amazing fundraising. Our Florida crew was a major reason for the success of the day.

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Re : Post WAT Feedback HERE!

Postby onfaith » Thu May 18, 2006 03:29 pm

John/Brenda - sounds like you guys did a fantastic job!!! Over $8,000, that's wonderful. What a way to honor your daughter! You have no reason to be disappointed! Everyone here did a great job, and have given up so much of themselves to make others those of you with the walks.....I raise a toast!!! You have all done an amazing job!!!


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Re : Post WAT Feedback HERE!

Postby shellysmomdad » Thu May 18, 2006 12:54 am

Well,I'm finally taking time to report the results of our Walk in Davenport (Iowa)last Saturday. To me the results are disappointing, but maybe I had my expectations too high from the start. For starters, the weather was less than ideal (45 degrees, cloudy, breezy). We had 210 pre-registered for the Walk, 270 total registered. We had quite a few no-shows Saturday, about 240 actually attended the Walk. We had two couples as guest speakers. The first couple to speak was Dan and Karen Bernick, with their daughter Hope. Karen had PE/HELLP syndrome 13 years ago when pregnant with Hope. Hope was born weighing slightly more than 1 pound, and was born with cerebral palsy. The second couple that spoke was Ryan and Meggan Fox, with their son Johnny. Ryan was a classmate and close friend of our daughter, Shelly. Meggan had PE/HELLP when pregnant with Johnny in October 2004. She suffered liver and kidney damage, and had a enlarged heart. After the speakers we had a jazzercize warm-up, compliments of friends of my wife (Brenda). We started the Walk, and during the Walk our prize committee drew names for the 40 door prizes that had been donated. I thought we had good media coverage leading up to the Walk (several newspaper articles, radio, TV PSA, and I appeared on TV on the local news show Thursday promoting the Walk). But the morning of the Walk, only one media person (a reporter without camera, but she did write a nice article for Sunday's paper) was present. To date, our event raised slightly more than $8,200, with some donations still trickling in. We had slightly fewer participants this year, but were able to raise more funds. I apologize for this long-winded summary. Our efforts to raise awareness will continue, as the fire in me has already been lit for 2007. Thank You.

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Re : Post WAT Feedback HERE!

Postby gilma » Wed May 17, 2006 10:36 am

I just want to second what Kristy said. While I did not participate in the Portland walk I found the same to be true with the Atlanta walk. I believe Aimee did a great job of getting it all together and I really appreciated being able to go up there and help raise awareness. I was also surprised at the generous donations received from people that I knew in support of the walk and PF. My doc alone sent me to Atlanta with about $800. That does not include all of the other donations received! It was a great time. I look forward to seeing the actual results from the Atlanta WAT and hopefully putting one together for my area next year!!![:D]

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Re : Post WAT Feedback HERE!

Postby cindergretta » Wed May 17, 2006 01:37 am

I wanted to post and say how grateful I am to Mike Leith for putting on the Portland WAT. It was a beautiful walk and well run. I hope he comes over and posts the numbers for how it went, but as a walker, I thought it was great and I was so glad to get to participate. Thank you, Mike!

And thank you to this foundation for helping to raise awareness. I am so surprised when people ask me what pre-e is. That they have never heard of it. I like getting to tell people about it and feel like I can make a difference. I was really floored by the support my friends gave me to be able to walk. One lady sent me a check for $100 to donate. And I haven't even seen her in about 4 years. My dd's Girl Scout leader and the director of family services at my church also both donated. It really made me feel like they cared about what I went through last year. It has also made me feel like given half a chance, people will shock you with their generousity. Their concern for the plight of others. A good thing! A good thing!

The pre-e foundation ROCKS!!!!!

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Re : Post WAT Feedback HERE!

Postby kdreher » Mon May 15, 2006 02:56 pm

I just wanted to say that you have all done a WONDERFUL, AWESOME, TREMENDOUS job with this years walk. I guess mother nature wasn't cooperating for many locations. You have all been such a source of inspiration and I hope that in 2007 I will get the same support when I chair the walk. I am thrilled with what we have received so far!

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Re : Post WAT Feedback HERE!

Postby timelessbeauty » Mon May 15, 2006 01:14 pm

Alissa, you still did a good job. Weather is not something any of us can count on and considering your participants started to call off, you made a good decision. The funds are a bonus but think of the experience and awareness you have created! I still say kudos to a job well done! That's a heavy undertaking for the two of you considering kids and babies and pregnancies, oh my! lol

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Re : Post WAT Feedback HERE!

Postby mom2tori » Mon May 15, 2006 12:32 am

Well I wish I could say that our walk in WI was as successful as the previous posts. We had very few registered walkers and with rain and cold forcasted many called and said they would not be there and after much debating, watching weather we decided to cancel. There would have been like 5 of us out there, none of us really wanting to sit in the rain. We were disappointed but are glad that we raised the money that we did. I am not sure yet but I am guessing we have between $700-$800 dollars. I didn't order a lot of extra t-shirts but I am sure that between Kara and I will get them sold in no time. We are both optimistic that next year will be much better. Last year was good for WI, this year with myself being pregnant and Kara having her hands full with her new daughter Avery we just didn't have the focus on the walk that it deserved. I am glad that we signed up for it and even if we were not out there we still some fundraising and have good ideas for next year. Beaver Dam will be on the list for next and Kara is thinking about holding one in Madison as well. I am really excited about the possibility of 2 walks in WI!! Wouldn't that be fantastic!! Of course there is a lot to think about so nothing is concrete yet but even thought is great! I am guessing that within the week or so we will get a few more donations coming in and the remaining t-shirts sold.

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Re : Post WAT Feedback HERE!

Postby sar961 » Mon May 15, 2006 11:48 am

Our walk in Ann Arbor Michigan turned out to be wonderful despite all of the rain! We had about 60 people come out for the event and were able to reach $3000 in donations with some still coming in!

The event was turned out to be really great. I want to give a special thanks to my group - Sima, Raj, Jennifer, Patty and of course Carol. Thanks to all of you for all of your help!

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Re : Post WAT Feedback HERE!

Postby timelessbeauty » Mon May 15, 2006 08:13 am

Indianapolis was also hit by hard rains and cold windy temps but we had 15 walkers show up!! We are proud of our awareness. We raised $1500.00 approx., so that's not bad for a first run in the rain and cold. Our spirits were high that we did a good job, just wished the weather could have cooperated. We have video taken by my father of the event. Indiana has another walk coming up on May 27th in Auburn which I will be walking in as well! This walk in Indianapolis was proclaimed "Ben's Walk" in honor of my son which was very sweet!

The walk was beautiful along the canal downtown and I was just thrilled at the company with whom I was able to walk! We shall keep pouring on the efforts all year long to do something each month to raise awareness at the very least.

Awesome job to all who took on the challenge of putting together a Walk-a-thon in your area! Just in doing that and raising awareness, you have championed the cause for which we want a cure! Thank You for a job well done!


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