2007 Third Annual Walkathon

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Dawn D
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Re : 2007 Third Annual Walkathon

Postby Dawn D » Wed Nov 19, 637975 4:15 pm

Hi Stacey,
I'm sure Kathy or Kris will be in touch soon if they haven't been already with info on how you coordinate in your area.
I just wanted to offer that both myself (I have coordinated two walks in PA in the past)and Molly the PA state Group Coordinator can act as a resource for you if needed. Remember you do not need to commit to the national date of May 14th if you need a bit more planning time (I see your baby was recently born). Congrats and best wishes!

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Re : 2007 Third Annual Walkathon

Postby staceyc » Sat Nov 08, 637975 9:30 pm


How can I organize a walk in my area?


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Re : 2007 Third Annual Walkathon

Postby angelkat » Mon Feb 23, 637970 2:53 pm

Hi Lorraine,

I sent you an e-mail regarding who to contact for WAT information.

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Re : 2007 Third Annual Walkathon

Postby lors63 » Mon Feb 23, 637970 11:46 am

I am kinda late in the game here, but we moved from Texas, I am now in Gainesville Florida, is anyone else int he area, I am trying to build a committee, both my sons are Autistic and I cant do it alone this year. (ages 3 & 5). I am working towards getting from publicity from the Gainesville Sun newspaper. I plan to collect donations and get a small group to walk unless I can build a comitteee to help, but by next yr hopefully I can be ready for the real deal! If anyone in interested in helping me in this area of Florida please email me. Thanks.

Also when do we get the info to pass out,brochures, etc.


miranda childers
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Re : 2007 Third Annual Walkathon

Postby miranda childers » Mon Nov 03, 637681 5:53 am

I thought I missed the call last week -I'm so glad I'll be able to be there tonight! A few things I'm looking for:

1) Budget form
2) phone number to call and passcode for the meeting

Looking forward to the call.


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2007 Third Annual Walkathon

Postby kdreher » Sun Dec 12, 637677 12:59 am

The 2007 WAT planning has officially begun. If you are interested in planning a walk-a-thon in your area or would like to assist one of the locations already listed, please email me at kris@preeclampsia.org.

The following are cities have signed on to host a 2007 WAT:

Santa Barbara, CA (Julie) - May 19
San Diego, CA (Sandy)
Ft Lauderdale, FL (Michele)
Davenport, IA (John & Brenda)
Chicago, IL (Jill S.)
Auburn, IN (Kathy & Dan)
Lexington, KY (Tiffany)
Shelby Twp, MI (Sarah)
Minneapolis, MI (Miranda & Marleen)
Montclair, NJ (Pat)
Dayton, OH (Tracy) - June 2
Marion, OH (Danielle)
Portland, OR (Mike)
Philadelphia, PA (Heather)
Madison, WI (Kara)

Possibly International walk in Canada - more details to follow


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