Promise Walk Sample Timeline

Connect with Promise Walk coordinators and volunteers to share ideas, ask questions, and learn how to host or participate in a Walk in your area!
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Promise Walk Sample Timeline

Postby blznbec » Tue Jun 29, 638945 12:32 am

Got what it takes to be a Promise Walk Coordinator...probably so!
Irvine, CA Promise Walk Coordinator, Meredith Drews, blogs about what it takes. Read here: ... -material/
(mostly a smile and a story...your own, your friend, your sister, your cousin, your aunt, something made you want to plan an walk!)

Sample Promise Walk Planning Timeline: This timeline is merely a guideline and not a 'one size fits all' plan in order to produce a successful walk.
**It is never too late to start a walk in your area, contact Becky Sloan for assistance**

*The Promise Walk Team helps make planning a walk easy - Coordinator conference call every month from October to April*

October-January, early bird planning
Decide on a walk date and location; most walks are 3-5K (or reserve previous walk site)
*Be sure to ask about site, participation, and other associated fees
Estimated Budget
*How many participants and sponsors? These numbers will help you determine your overall walk goal and all walks will have different goals.
Create Promise Walk page as soon as location is secured
Participants can sign up when a site location page is live and can begin fundraising immediately!

Secure committee volunteers
Solicit Donations: In-kind; food, drink, silent auction items, entertainment: DJ, face painting, kids jumpy
Mail letters to potential sponsors (examples available)
Mail proclamation letter to local city official or governor requesting May declared Preeclampsia Month

**It is never too late to start a walk**
Solicit event sponsors; follow up phone calls from earlier mailing
Media contacts: approach TV, radio, newspapers, online articles and calendars
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Email
Mail letters to potential sponsors (examples available), if not already done
Mail proclamation letter, if not already done
Submit insurance documents, if site is secured
Recruit participants

Continue soliciting event sponsors; March 31st is deadline for t-shirt sponsors
Brochures and posters (template available)
Send out teaser postcards, if applicable
Secure in-kind donations and entertainment
Submit insurance documents, if not already done
Recruit participants

Print brochures, posters; distribute by hanging up in local areas, sending out via email
Secure silent auction items (if holding an auction)
Place t-shirt and supply order by March 31st
Secure Public Service Announcements with media outlets: TV, radio
Submit insurance documents, if not already done
Recruit participants

Print brochures, posters; distribute by hanging up in local areas, sending out via email
Print day-of-even signs
Confirm day-of-event volunteers
Make *to do* lists
Begin PSAs, if applicable
Press releases sent out locally (template available)
*Foundation will send out national press releases
Recruit participants

Event day last minute details
Have a Fantastic, Successful Walk!

After the Walk
Complete coordinator money walk summary
Send out participant survey
Complete coordinator survey

*There are never enough thank you's, so dole them out to your volunteers...they are free! The Promise Team will do the same for our coordinators...THANK YOU in Advance!*

Have a great summer!

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