Conference Call - December 14th

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Re: Conference Call - December 14th

Postby blznbec » Tue Mar 07, 638952 12:47 pm

Call notes:
* How to Request a Proclamation
* Atlanta Hospital Tips - walk forum page
* Revised Brochure/Poster: Kelly Hunstad -
* Website overview - Jeff Siegel - for assistance
* Insurance Certificate request - return to Megan Stuart -
* Code of Conduct

Proclamations: We did not review the proclamation document, because every coordinator was comfortable with the procedures. Generally proclamations need to be requested each year, but check with your state and/or city regulations proclamation request procedure. It would be great to see all of our Public Walks get an official Proclamation. Make sure you request that May be recognized as Preeclampsia Awareness Month. Once you have secured a proclamation, please let Megan Stuart know by sending her a copy of your Proclamation.

Atlanta Hospital Tips
- One example on how to approach a potential hospital sponsor - notes are up on the walk forum page for your review.

Revised Brochure/Poster - 2011 Promise Walk brochure/poster have been revised and finalized thanks to Kelly Hunstad. She is a volunteer in MN and has given her time the past few months as a graphic artist to revise the poster and brochure for us. I hope you like the revisions as much as we do! Thank you Kelly!

The documents are in Word and you can revise the text box to include your site information, as well as adding sponsorship information. Make sure you read the style guidelines that are located under the coordinator resources when you revise your brochure/poster. There are certain fonts styles and sizes you must adhere to when revising your poster. If you send your poster/brochure to other parties to print and advertise, make sure that you send it in PDF format so that the text cannot be altered.

Website: The cost for registration for all walks: $20 for adults (13 and older) and $10 for children (12 and younger), which will include a shirt. There is no longer an option to register and pay later. We had several participants that never came back to register, so we eliminated this feature. If you have someone that wants to pay by check, then they can mail a check to you or the office and you will enter as an offline donation (please review the offline tutorial on the PW site under coordinator resources). I don’t anticipate many people needing this service.

New feature: Search for participants by first or last name or team name.

As you secure sponsors make sure to update your walk page accordingly. If you need assistance you may contact Jeff Siegel or review the content editor tutorial under the coordinator resources page.

Incentives: Discussed, but are not finalized. Three levels will be offered: $100, $500, $1000

Save-the-Date card
through Constant Contact or via PDF – Laney Poye ( can create a save the date card and send it by Constant Contact. Contact Laney directly if you would like to use this service or contact Kelly Hunstad if you would like her to create a PDF Save the Date for you site. Please do not overwhelm our state email recipients with multiple, too often sent emails. If you are in state that has several walks or are by nearby walks in other states, try to combine your email reminders and messages.

Insurance Certificates
: Every walk site will need insurance. If your site does not require you to have insurance, I need you to send a letter stating this from your site. If you need help filling out your form, please look at the example under the coordinator resources. If you don’t have a location up yet, Megan can help you fill out the form. Please send your completed form to Megan Stuart ASAP and let her know if you have special circumstances; such as you need your certificate 60 days before your walk. If you are still deciding on a walk date or location, please have your form to Megan by February 1st or contact her if there will be a further delay.

Just a reminder that a code of conduct is needed for everyone who will be using confidential information such as state email lists or money handling. A copy of the code of conduct is on the PF website here: Code of Conduct.

We are looking for a coordinator in MN. The MN walk has been around since the beginning almost six years ago, has a great foundation to build upon, and we want to keep the momentum going. So if you know someone who would like coordinate or co-coordinate, please let me know.

Are you signed up for the PW blog? – if not, sign up! Encourage friends and family to sign up as well. Are you a ‘friend’ of the FB page? If not, go friend us and share us with your FB friends!

Next Call: JANUARY 11 - BE A MEDIA HOUND: Media relations; TV, radio, print, social outlets

Jamie Schmidt, PW Sponsorship Coordinator
Becky Sloan, PW Walk Director

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Conference Call - December 14th

Postby sarab » Wed Sep 15, 638951 8:40 am

THE SALES KIT: Preliminary announcements, Proclamations, Posters, Website overview
Legal~Insurance Certificates deadline announcement (send application to Megan Stuart)

Tuesday, December 14th, 8:30ET/7:30CT/5:30PT

Hosts: Becky Sloan, PW Walk Director

Please contact Becky with any questions:
Sara (30), DH (32)

Maggie (7), 29w 2d due to severe preeclampsia
Logan (5), 32w, 6d due to severe preeclampsia and HELLP

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