Conference Call: January 11th

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Re: Conference Call: January 11th

Postby blznbec » Mon Dec 26, 639233 12:33 am

January 11th Call Notes:

* Overview of Angela Little, Preeclampsia Foundation Director of Operations, role with the Promise Walk including finance point of contact
* Radio Proposal Tips from Meredith Drews - email Becky if you would like a copy of the proposal/benefits
* Media Relations Strategy & Timeline - see below
o Contacts? Who do you know? Your current job associates? PR firm? Sales Mgr/Director?
o Use Active. com to post walk event, especially if you are holding a 5K run

* Social Media - Partnership with the Preeclampsia Foundation Project Coordinator, Laney Poye, to advertise walk events, news, etc.
1. Promote increased knowledge of preeclampsia and the activities of the Preeclampsia Foundation
2. Improve communication with our targeted communication audiences, as noted below.
3. Make the Preeclampsia Foundation an instantly recognized source for expertise and support
4. Encourage social media audiences to utilize

General Rules:
1. Familiarize yourself with ultimately, all social media should drive users back to the website to learn about preeclampsia as a medical condition and the Preeclampsia Foundation as an active
2. Know our targeted communication audiences. This can vary, but ultimately our target is the following:
3. Women and their families who have personally experienced or are currently experiencing preeclampsia, including volunteers
4. Medical care providers
5. All pregnant women
6. Potential and current donors and funders
7. Potential and current partners & affiliate organizations
8. Consider the objective of the communication: Informing the public? Engaging and recruiting volunteers? Persuading others to share, donate or educate?
9. Be clear, direct and engaged in the tone of your communication

* Official Promise Walk Facebook and Blog for walk advertisements (make sure to sign up for the blog and like our page)
City site-specific Facebook pages
1. Respond to page posts
2. Never “talk at” but always “talk back” to the posters
3. Use individual’s birthdays as a request for donation
4. Make contact with local groups to rally around Promise Walk locations
5. Advertise Promise Walk blog by posting/tweeting

1. Familiarize yourself with #-tagging to put posts out to specific lists
2. Network with other nonprofits, maternal/infant health organizations, potential media sources, hospitals, institutions, etc.
3. Use instant updates at events Promise Walks

* Promise Walk corner in the newsletter - look for it in the next Foundation Newsletter
* Beat Editor, Autumn Spear, will be the communication liaison between the Promise Walk and the Foundation

* If you have secure any type of media coverage, make sure to send it the details to

Promise Walk Media Relations Strategy & Timeline:

Identifying Local Media Targets :Mondo Times - The Worldwide Media Guide -
Assemble a list of media targets prior to conducting any outreach.

You may already have an idea of who might be a good target—maybe you know a reporter in the area that had her own experience with preeclampsia, or have contacted members of the media in the past on behalf of the Foundation, or for other reasons. Certainly these contacts should be on your list.

Otherwise, try to identify radio, TV and newspaper/magazines in your city. Below is who you should try to identify at each type of media outlet. Your best bet for research is the Internet. If you can get a general phone number or e-mail address at a station or newspaper/magazine, you can call and ask who would be the best person to pitch your story/event to, and how they like to receive pitches (fax? E-mail?):

Try to identify a news editor, particularly at music stations. If you are dealing with a news station, try to find out if they have a health reporter, or community reporter.

The health producer or reporter is a good target, as is the general assignment desk. You can usually find the station’s general e-mail on the web site. In most cities, each major network (FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS) has a local affiliate station. Sometimes the smaller networks (CW, etc) do also. You can go to and type in your city name and “ABC affiliate” and you should get the Web site.

Are there any local magazines in your area? Especially parenting or women’s magazines? For example, in Pittsburgh there are Pittsburgh Parent, Pittsburgh magazine, Whirl and Pittsburgh Quarterly. Try to identify the editor at these magazines.

The big newspapers are an easy target to identify. Pick up a copy of the major (or couple of major) papers, and scour them for a reporter that might be a good target. Look for someone that writes about health or community issues. Also, you can call the paper and ask who the photo editor is—sometimes if you alert them, they’ll send a photographer to the event if they decide to cover the story. Other contacts that you’ll want to identify at the local papers is the calendar editor.

Don’t ignore the smaller community newspapers! A lot of towns and suburbs have their own community newspapers that are great targets—they are usually very receptive to information.

Don’t forget the Internet itself! Do a Google search and find out if there are any local message boards for moms in your community where you can post your information. is one such online community that caters to moms, and has message boards for individual cities. Also, some TV and newspapers have online editors that handle online content/stories. They are also a good target for your information.


• Contact your local magazines about doing a story on the Promise Walk. Many magazines work three months out—so to get a story in the May issue, you need to start talking to them in February.

• Contact the calendar editors at your local papers with the relevant information on your event (date, time, location, etc). Most often they will list your event in the community calendar. The Media Advisory is best for just getting the basic Who, What, Where, When info published in event calendars.

• Send out the media advisory or press release, tailored to your city, to all of the media contacts that you want to approach. If you are sending by e-mail, cut and paste the text of the advisory or press release into the e-mail body. DO NOT ATTACH the advisory—many reporters will not even open an attachment unless they have requested it. Otherwise, send the advisory via fax. Start making follow-up phone calls once you have sent out the advisory. Keep your pitch short and sweet, for example:

YOU: “Hi, my name is <insert name> and I’m calling on behalf of the Preeclampsia Foundation. Preeclampsia is a fairly common disorder of pregnancy, and in its worst form it can take the life of the mother, baby or both. I personally suffered from the disorder—<insert your story here>. We have a big event coming up in May/June -- a Promise Walk that will be starting in <insert location>. This event is to raise money for preeclampsia research and patient education efforts, and we were hoping that you could help us get the word out about it. I sent you some of the details yesterday in a media advisory. Did you get the information?

Reporter: “Yes, I think I saw that. I’ll review it and let you know.”

YOU: “Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. I’ll mark on my calendar to give you a call next week if I don’t hear from you.

In the follow-up call, or if the reporter seems interested, you can go into more details about preeclampsia, and the work of the foundation, for example:

“Preeclampsia is a very serious disorder that affects up to eight percent of pregnancies and is responsible for eighteen percent of maternal deaths in this country! It is still very poorly understood and there is no cure other than delivery of the baby. The Preeclampsia Foundation is working to educate pregnant women about the signs and symptoms of the disorder so they can help before it turns into a crisis. The foundation also supports research to hopefully, one day, identify a real cure.”

Take the lead in the conversation from the reporter—if they are rushing to get off the phone, it isn’t the best time to go into detail. If they seem rushed, you can ask them if they’d like you to e-mail them some more information.

• Re-fax or re-send your media advisory to all of the media contacts that you have not heard from.

• Contact any photo editors that you’ve been able to identify. Tell them about what a great photo opportunity the Promise Walk will be! Make sure to emphasize the fact that this fundraiser is to benefit mothers and their babies! Continue following up with reporters…don’t be shy about calling someone again! Reporters are inundated with pitches, and sometimes you have to work to get yours noticed.

Designate someone to take pictures at the event and have them take plenty of photos! Make sure your digital camera is set on the highest-resolution possible. Publications need high-resolution photos if they are going to run them.

Gather all the information during the day that you’ll need to fill out your press release, such as how many people attended, etc.

Fill in the missing parts of your press release with all the information from your Promise Walk, and send out to your media contact list. Let them know that you have photos available and are happy to share them!

Remember: Collect all of your media coverage for highlighting it on the Promise Walk website, or for spotlighting it in Expectations, our monthly e-newsletter!
As soon as you secure a media coverage success and Proclamations to

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Conference Call: January 11th

Postby blznbec » Tue Mar 07, 638952 1:17 pm

JANUARY 11 - BE A MEDIA HOUND: Media relations; TV, radio, print, social outlets
Jamie Schmidt, PW Sponsorship Coordinator
Becky Sloan, PW Walk Director

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