How does someone start one?

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Re: How does someone start one?

Postby blznbec » Sun Jul 08, 639240 5:56 am

I would be happy to add you to the 2012 coordinator list, just shoot me an email at

You can also check out this post that describes the planning process: ... 86&t=40792

West Chester isn't right next door, but you might take a look at the event being planned and see if you might be able to participant this year! ... ffundid=29


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How does someone start one?

Postby brandib » Sun Jul 08, 639240 5:36 am

I live in Cleveland ohio. I would love to have a walk here. My family would join and donate and I have a close friend who lost her son a year ago from PE and I know her and her family would love to do it also. How do we go about it???? I'm thinking for 2012.

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