Need encouragement

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Dawn D
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Re : Need encouragement

Postby Dawn D » Thu May 18, 637684 9:23 pm

Hi, great idea to tap into health clubs, etc! Maybe if your instructor is just starting a prenatal yoga class they might consider for the first month donating a portion of the registraiton fee to PF for each new enrollment??

Enjoy watching your little one grow and change, and (when you can) keep up your work for is appreciated!


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Re : Need encouragement

Postby timelessbeauty » Sat May 06, 637684 3:47 am


That is a great opportunity! I echo everyone else here in that we miss seeing you around! I can imagine you are planning a birthday party as well soon for someone I got to meet? If I can think of anything or know of someone that has had success, I will certainly email you. Thank you for letting us know of this opportunity!

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Re : Need encouragement

Postby josiah1112 » Sat May 06, 637684 12:31 am

No experience with this but I miss "seeing"you around too.I hope you and little one are good.

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Re : Need encouragement

Postby angelkat » Fri May 05, 637684 8:16 pm


I'll send you an e-mail

Miss seeing you around

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Need encouragement

Postby ileana » Fri May 05, 637684 7:57 pm

Hello again!

I'm still around... just having no time at all.

I am doing yoga at a studio run by a famous yoga teacher. It's a very nice place and they also do charitable acts: they sold pink towels for breast cancer and make coat drives and have raffle tickets with fundings going to Malawi, etc.

I just found out yesterday that she is pregnant and that they will start a prenatal series. What a great opportunity to raise awareness and maybe get them to donate something.

Did you guys successfully aproached some health club like this? I'm looking forward for any ideas, encouragement, etc.

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