repeat Pre E?

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Re : repeat Pre E?

Postby halo79rn » Sat Mar 09, 638616 5:37 pm

I think you just need to keep on top of things and be as open as you can with your OB about any symptoms and questions you might have. the swelling alone doesn't necessarily mean pree. the trace protein doesn't necessarily mean pree.. you could have have protein and ketones show up if you're dehydrated. be sure you're drinking plenty of water and if you have any new symptoms you are unsure about, let them know. if you want to get a 24 hr completed, then just tell them. be blunt about it. tell them it would make you feel better.

with my first, I had labile pressures and runs of a heart arrhythmia with rates in the 150s-160s starting mid pg, puffed up like a blow fish (arms and face) and started gaining weight, headaches and b/p staying up at 32wks. 35wks, crazy anxiety feeling, b/p really high, had doubled my weight gain between 32 and 36wks, vision issues, hypereflexia, etc. 36wk 4+ protein. induced 36wk5d , dd born 37wk.

with my second, saw flashing stars from 14wks on, but had SO much more energy throughout. had earlier Braxton Hickes which I hear is normal. b/p stayed near baseline 100/60 throughout... even at my 37wk appt it was 106/68. 2 days later, nosebleeds, headaches, b/p 140/90, the next day, more stars, felt insane, swelled a ton that last week. no 24hr was done,serum labs were drawn to check H/H, liver and kidney function. my serum (blood) protein level was low, my dipsticks were "fine". biophysical profile done twice. then induction. 38wks2d.

good luck.

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Re : repeat Pre E?

Postby trish » Sun Dec 31, 638615 8:01 pm

It's really impossible for us to say! What does your OB think? Your BP's look pretty good now & it sounds like even though you aren't seeing a MFM that your OB is doing a lot of growth checks & keeping a pretty close eye on you. Edema in your legs is fairly common in pregnancy. If you notice swelling in your hands and/or face though, be sure to let your OB know.

Did you decide to do the 24 hour test? Have you had any blood work? Are your vision problems still there or was it just around 19.5 weeks? Here's a link to the signs and symptoms page so you can keep an eye out for any new symptoms.

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repeat Pre E?

Postby kellyo19 » Sun Dec 31, 638615 7:00 am

In 2005 I had pre-E and IUGR with my 1st pregnancy, my small-town doc completely missed it so I never had extra labs, extra ultraounds, or was treated for it. I'm now pregnant with #2, 27 wks today. We've moved to a new town, I have a new family practice dr. She reviewed my history with #1 adn found I had had pre-E and IUGR. I'm seeing regular family doc for regular baby appts, with ultrasounds/growth checks (20-wk, 26 wk, 30 wk scheduled, 34-wk scheduled, then every 1-2 wks planned) with an OB. We don't have MFM or peris where we live, but I have the OB that handles most of the high-risk pregnancies in town. If my case gets tricky, I'll switch all my care to the OB and possibly have a consult with a specialty hospital an hour away.

I got my records from #1 and I seem to be following a similar path. With #1 I had vision disturbances and 140/90 BP at 21 wks. With #2 I had vision problems and 140/90 BP at 19.5 wks. With #1 at 31-wks my BP went up to 130-140s/80-90s and I started gaining 2-3 lbs/wk with edema, and all urine dips in clinic showed trace to +1, but a 24-hr test was never ordered. The last 6 wks of pregnancy #1 I gained 35 lbs and lots of edema.

I'm now 27 wks and my BPs are 90-120s/70-80s, and I'm noticing edema in legs at end of day. My last two urine samples (last Monday and last Wed) showed trace amounts of protein, I asked family doc about a 24-hr test, said I didn't mind them as i could start Sun morning and finish Mon morning and drop it off at clinic on way to work. Doc said it wasn't needed yet.

Am I on the path to repeat Pre-E?

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