Help! Need advice!

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re: Help! Need advice!

Postby kerisue » Tue Jan 26, 639244 3:48 am

I hope things stay "mild" for the rest of your pregnancy, but hope you make it to 32 weeks at the least!
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Re: Help! Need advice!

Postby ah2007 » Mon Jan 25, 639244 7:30 pm

Just a little update- They have decided most likely it is a case of mild pre-e. For now they are going to keep me on the bp meds and continue monitoring me weekly from this point on. Thankfully my labs are coming back good for now and my 24h protein dropped slightly to 506. My BP has been in 130-140/70-90 range so it is up a little but stable for now. Baby is also doing good! She is right at the 51 percentile for growth and there is still lots of fluid around her and I'm very grateful for that. I just hope things can stay stable for a few more weeks.

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Re: Help! Need advice!

Postby rebecca2 » Thu Dec 10, 639243 8:52 pm

I agree with what Caryn said and would recommend you call your OB to find out what YOUR management plan is. When are you doing another BPP? Labwork? etc? Are you being referred to a MFM? Also, why was the NST a waste? At 30 weeks, I wouldn't expect it to be a waste.
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Re: Help! Need advice!

Postby angieb » Mon Nov 16, 639243 10:00 am

Unless I missed it, you haven't mentioned what your blood pressures have been at lately.

High blood pressure before 18/19ish weeks is *most often* chronic hypertension "unmasked by pregnancy". (We do have a few posters that had pre-e that early, but it wasn't anything that blood pressure medicine could fix/control.) If your blood pressure is as stable now as it has been since you've been on the medicine, and you aren't having any signs and symptoms except left-sided pain, then I'd say it sounds like you are okay so far. (Although I don't disagree with Caryn that 2 readings of 140/90 and protein= pre-e, it sounded to me like your high readings were between 8-16 weeks? Is that right?)

The protein in your urine isn't a great thing but without any other symptoms, it could just be a normal for you thing. It sounds like you *might* actually spill protein outside of pregnancy with such a high number at 16 weeks. I would consider 276 as your baseline, so being at 560 for you is like being at around 300 for someone spilling 0 protein at 16 weeks...still not great (and I'd definitely follow up after you deliver, and make sure you don't have an underlying kidney, etc. issue outside of pregnancy that pregnancy has "unmasked"). Anyway, it does sound like you *could* be headed towards pre-e, the risk factors are certainly there, but I'm also not hearing anything especially alarming at this point either. Make sure you keep track of your blood pressure at home and if it starts creeping up then bug them. Keep an eye out for symptoms. And if work is causing you pain/stress, it wouldn't hurt to cut back your hours a bit if you can. (And if you can't without a doctor's note, etc., then I'd tell them and ask.)

Also, I wanted to add, spilling protein, even for someone who is officially pre-eclamptic with high blood pressure, symptoms, etc. is not necessarily by itself an indication for delivery. In your case, since it sounds like you've been spilling protein the entire pregnancy (I originally missed that you were spilling it at 8 weeks when your blood pressure first went high (and it definitely isn't pre-eclampsia related that early, the placenta hasn't even totally formed and taken over yet), I think the spilling protein is a lot less alarming. Now if you had not been spilling protein at all in this pregnancy and then all of a sudden it's at 500+, that would be pretty concerning. But in the context that it's been happening all along, it could be either totally "normal for you" or it could be something else like an underlying kidney issue that pregnancy is making more obvious.
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Re: Help! Need advice!

Postby riehlism » Thu Nov 05, 639243 8:58 pm

It sounds like you have all the diagnostic criteria for preeclampsia. Your doctor just needs to recognize it. If they brush you off, definitely get in touch with an MFM. Having been through this and seeing first hand how fast it can go sour and dangerous, I would not sit on this for very long.
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Re: Help! Need advice!

Postby caryn » Tue Nov 03, 639243 4:04 pm

A PE diagnosis only requires two readings above either of 140/90 - sounds like you've hit that - and a 24-hour proteinuria above 300 mg - sounds like you've hit that. I would definitely call the docs and ask if you're considered a preeclampsia patient given your numbers, and what the plan is for your management!
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Help! Need advice!

Postby ah2007 » Sun Oct 25, 639243 3:15 pm

I'm not too sure what is going on so I am wondering if anyone else experinced simliar problems and what happened. I am currently 30.5weeks along with my second pregnancy (prev molar in 2008). When I went in for my 1st DR visit around 8 weeks I had HBP of about 150's/90's. This was abnormal for me but I just figured it was nerves. Blood work came back fine but my urine did have protein in it. Nothing was done about it and it was never brought up again. Every visit after this my BP was elevated so around 16 weeks I was put on 750mg of Aldomet and I did a 24h urine test. My results came back at 275 and I flipped! But my DR said it was normal for protein to be in my urine due to pregnancy and that it was pre-e because it doesn't happen before week 20. So I went on taking the Aldomet and it did an ok job keeping my bp 120-130/ 70-80 when checked at home. Its always higher in the DR office.
Around 27 weeks I started having pain in the middle of my abd that radiated LEFT! I thought this was odd so I went in to get it checked out and did another 24h urine test. This one came back in the 560's so I did an NST and BPP. NST was a waste but the BPP came back good and so did all of the other blood work. They are not really saying what is going on. I really don't have any s/s. No edema. No vision changes. I do get headaches but tylenol takes care of that. No N/V and the pain in my abd isn't constant and is brought on mostly by work. I am really worried that I am starting the pre-e and that it is going to be missed :( Any help or suggestions would be greatly welcomed!

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