A super confusing OB :S

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: A super confusing OB :S

Postby rebecca2 » Sun Aug 10, 639253 12:51 am

First, congratulations on making it this far! That is a HUGE milestone for those of us who had a 2nd trimester delivery in the past! Second, I'm sorry to hear things are so confusing at the moment. Here is my suggestions...let your MFM know your OB has a different due date and let him decide which is correct. I would also ask your doctors to pick up the phone and speak with each other. Then they can agree on your current gestational age as well as a delivery plan. That is what my doctors did.

FWIW, I was told by my reproductive endocrinologist that the ultrasound dates are +/- 3 days in early pregnancy and +/- 3 weeks in late pregnancy, so the earlier in pregnancy the u/s is performed the more accurate the dates.
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Re: A super confusing OB :S

Postby christina89 » Sat Aug 09, 639253 11:05 pm

No I had a vaginal delivery, Two things that really worry me about waiting to long other then the fact that my bp has been going up abit over the last 3 weeks. Is one I had a placental abruption during contractions. And I also got very very sick after delivery that's when I had a stroke . I would also like to make sure I'm off my blood thinners first long enough that they won't pose a problem. I am just scared I'm going to be left to long. Thank you so much for your reply. I hope my app with my MFM goes well on tuesday. I'm doing tons of research so I can feel more comfortable talking to him about it. 37 weeks is full term and that after a 23 week delivery and loss is just absolutely amazing!!

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Re: A super confusing OB :S

Postby heather j » Sat Aug 09, 639253 9:35 pm

My MFM and I called my last two at 37 weeks as a result of my first pregnancy. There wasn't a present medical necessity with either one, but we felt comfortable delivering at that point (with a mature FLMA) based on my history. I was also on anticoagulants, but I don't think that had any additional influence on his opinion. Did you deliver vaginally or have a section with your last pregnancy? If you had a section, was it classical? That would be a very clear reason to deliver sooner.
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A super confusing OB :S

Postby christina89 » Sat Aug 09, 639253 2:41 pm

OK I tried to post this once laready but didnt work. it was very long so I will try again and shorten it up lol

So I had my 33 week app today with my OB. He has the wrong due date ( taken off a altra sound I had arouns 7 weeks because of bleeding) So he says im 32 weeks, and normally that wouldnt bother someone but because of PE every week counts. But my MFM and my GP both have the same date as me of 33 weeks and 1 day. That came off my U/S in my second tri ( im told its more accurate at that point) Anyways he refuses to listen to me. Anyhow I have a fetal assement evey two weeks with my MFM that indicates my due date is really at 33 weeks 1 day. So I have no idea what to think about that.

Also my MFM wanted me to talk to my OB about a delivery plan as he would liek to take me off my blood thinners a week maybe 2 before I have a schedualed Induction or C section ( depending on my BP ) My MFM doesnt want me to go past 37 but if my OB sticks to his due date I will be 38 weeks. And he also said he wants my MFM to make the delivery plan and just tell him what to do

So Im going to talk to my MFM on Tuesday at my 34 week app, I was wondering if you ladies could let me know how your OB desided to deliver at a certian time. I have PIH my BP is slowly going up and my meds have been doubled. I also had a 23 week delivery last pregnancy in June 2010. I had Eclampsia and HELLP. I also had a plecental abruption. I was wondering do any of those factor in on when I should be delivered. My MFM really likes when I ask him questions and Im educated about the decition were about to make so I would like to know how you guys came to the conclution of when would be the best time to eliver for you.

I also want to add my OB is very good, he just seems a little off, almost like he scared to make a move on his own but when it comes time to it Iknow he will deliver wonderfully

Any advise will be VERY VEYR welcomed

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