Lasting effects 1 year on from second HELLP pregnancy

Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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Re: Lasting effects 1 year on from second HELLP pregnancy

Postby tree » Mon Oct 03, 639566 3:00 am

I had my eyes checked after my daughter was born because I still had some floaters and flashers. The eye doctor confirmed that they floaters were there, but he said that mine were not related to PE/HELLP. I am just getting older...
It is possible to have retinal and other damage resulting from PE or HELLP, but it is fairly uncommon. It is worth getting checked out if you are really concerned. The PTSD and depression are much harder to deal with. Many of us have benefitted from counseling and other therapies. The forums provide a great source of information, comfort, and community as well.
Daughter born April 2009 at 35 weeks due to Class 1 HELLP

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Lasting effects 1 year on from second HELLP pregnancy

Postby GemmaLou » Sun Oct 02, 639566 12:13 pm

Hi there everyone,

I am new to this site, so pleased I have finally found a decent forum for survivors of HELLP. Sounds strange that doesn't it, makes you realise how lucky we all are. Does anyone else feel as frustrated as me about the lack of research and support for HELLP victims?

My first pregnancy I went undiagnosed until things were so bad I had to have emergency section and time in intensive care (my story nowhere near as horrific as some though so I won't go into details, I just know I Was very lucky) , my second pregnancy was more controlled due to monitoring.

However, ever since my second pregnancy I have had problems with my eyes. I constantly have black floaters in my eyes and on sunny days get lines of light in my eyes. I was wondering if this was due to HELLP due to known eye problems. I have tried to get advice from eye specialists and docs but everyone just fobs me off. I found one lady on google in a forum describing exactly the same as me and says she is 2 years on and still stuck with the eye issues!

I wish there was somewhere we could report all of our symptoms to to help other people. The lack of support and information for HELLP sufferers I feel is extremely poor. Wish I was the type of person to be able to do more about it!

Is there any wonder I now have post traumatic stress as well as post natal depression?

Would love to hear from others to see if you have any long term effects of HELLP.

Looking forward to hearing from you all xx

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