Not TCC yet but were thinking maybe!!!

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Not TCC yet but were thinking maybe!!!

Postby Annello » Fri May 18, 639573 7:22 pm

I am thinking of TTC for the third time as well. My first two pregnancies were complicated by severe PE and HELLP. I am lucky to have two beautiful children but I am also lucky to be alive after the second pregnancy. I have not consulted my MFM yet because he initially advised me to never TTC again. He finally backed down after I refused sterilization and told me to consult him before I TTC. My other problem is getting my friends, family, and most importantly my husband on board with TTC.

I noticed in your post you mentioned anticoagulant therapy. Why did your MFM decide on this treatment plan during your second pregnancy? Do you think it helped to reduce your chances of developing HELLP?
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Re: Not TCC yet but were thinking maybe!!!

Postby aajatwins » Sat Mar 10, 639573 6:11 am

I love watching Emy in your pictures on facebook :)
I love that you're thinking about TTC, too! I actually am only on my 2nd period postpartum (Asa is 9.5 months old) and this was a long cycle, so my husband got me all crazy thinking I was pregnant again (clearly not!)... I love that he loves babies that much and we certainly want more, lol, but I hate when I feel like being pregnant is a possibility and it is so "out of the blue" that I don't like the idea of it - and then when I find out I'm not, I'm kind of bummed!! crazy!!

Anyway, I'm glad you and the family are doing so well!! Getting a picture up isn't too hard, but ask if you need help. Hmm.. I need to update mine :) Hope to have you around here again!
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Not TCC yet but were thinking maybe!!!

Postby christina89 » Thu Feb 01, 639573 5:28 am

I haven't been on here in so long just pop in randomly to see how everyone is doing! My husband and I are currently thinking about trying in may :) after my brothers wedding. I have many tests to do and what not before my dr will even concider taking out my IUD. I'll catch you up on how the last year had been as some of you know I was blessed in August 2011 to deliver a healthy baby girl at 35weeks 6 days we bright her home 3 days later, well little 5 lb Emy is going to be a year old on the 17th of this month and she's about 20 lbs now. It's been a complete joy! For those of you who don't know me I developed sever pe in may of 2010 and on June 6th I was induced and we lost our beautiful baby boy he was 1 lb 1 oz and I was around the 25 week mark. Not even 24 hours later I started getting URQ pains and the drs rushed in and put me on mag. It was to late I had a stroke and was sudated for 3 days and told after I developed HELLP. I was in the hospital for awhile. I was only allowed to leave the hospital once to go with my husband to pick up my son from the funeral home. Those hours days weeks months and now years still hurt. I miss that little boy so much. My daughter looks a lot like zac so that gives me comfort. With my pregnancy with Emy I worried and worried and I was on LDA and heperin and vit D calcium and folic acid. I had a great pregnancy. Then around the 33-34 week mark my bp climbed again and I was diagnosed with PIH and I went into labor on my own a nice painful 72 hours being closely watch by my MFM. Well I'm hoping to add a picture of my little lady on here so I hope it works! I hope I can help so of you with questions and catch up with everyone. Thanks for reading

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