How to deal with what was to be due date

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Re : How to deal with what was to be due date

Postby kimpaulus00 » Mon Aug 08, 636727 12:25 am

My due date for Allison would have been September 16th and I was afraid that I would be a mess, but we decided to go out of town for the week and visit some of my husband's relatives. The trip seemed to help because I was able to focus on something else and I could spend time with my husband. That might be an idea as well, but you need to decide what is best for you and you need to allow yourself to grieve. My prayers are with you and you are not alone.

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Re : How to deal with what was to be due date

Postby mada » Sun Aug 07, 636727 11:55 pm

I am so sorry to all you ladies for your loss. I also couldn't imagine the pain. Kim, you do what you feel is right....Maybe work would help, if not, tell them you need to take some time off....Again, I am so sorry.

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julie f
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Re : How to deal with what was to be due date

Postby julie f » Fri Jul 29, 636727 7:08 am


I wish I had some words of wisdom or comfort for you but I don't know what to do myself, I will keep you in my prayers. Have you been to a support group yet? I have gone once and it was somewhat comforting.

My due date is approaching as well, October 25th. Nothing about the past 3 months have been easy but, since the calendar hit October 1, it seems to be even harder. I can't get out of my head all of the things that I "should" be doing right now - washing the baby clothes, putting the finishing touches on the nursery, walking around rubbing my belly... Instead, I am putting flowers on my son's grave, it's just so wrong.

Take care of yourself and do whatever you need to do to get through the days.

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Re : How to deal with what was to be due date

Postby taras mom » Thu Jul 28, 636727 8:20 pm

I worked, and I think it helped. My sister had her bouncing little girl a month after Tara was due--that was even harder. There's no easy way to get through any of it, but I found that slowly getting back into my normal activities helped. Take care of yourself, and give yourself a break whenever you need it.

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Re : How to deal with what was to be due date

Postby kim » Thu Jul 28, 636727 4:45 pm


While I can't possibly know what you are going through, I can only imagine. I am so sorry for your loss and imagine this is an excrutiating time for you. Take care,

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How to deal with what was to be due date

Postby kimb » Thu Jul 28, 636727 2:07 pm

Looking for how others dealt with the approaching day that was to have been their due date or are currently dealing with it. What was to have been Will's due date is still 5 weeks away but I am already becoming a mess over it. I can't decide if I should work that week or take the week off I'm supposed to be getting to be meeting my little boy in five weeks and getting to be his mommy and watch him grow up - not crying all the time because I never get to hold him again. I know that July 7th will always be his birthday - but its so hard to not look at what things were supposed to be like.

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