green-eyed-monster saying hello

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Re : green-eyed-monster saying hello

Postby faith » Mon Sep 09, 637354 10:43 am

Would love to go next year if it's in NC or even SC :)
I hope everyone has fun and please let us know how it goes!

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Re : green-eyed-monster saying hello

Postby kjones » Mon Sep 09, 637354 10:32 am

Here's wishing you all, a fun, and safe trip!! Will it be safe having a bunch of woman together?? lol I pray I can go next year, with Keiana having problems I have to stay close to home, and she could not even do that ride right now. I wonder how many will be taking their computers along??

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julie f
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Re : green-eyed-monster saying hello

Postby julie f » Mon Sep 09, 637354 10:06 am

I'm jealous over here too! With Jack being so little still, I think it would be too hard. Catherine - I second Hawaii. I'll go hunting for my leis and grass skirt...

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Re : green-eyed-monster saying hello

Postby missgamecock » Mon Sep 09, 637354 4:32 am

I'm there if it were in SC. I'm from Charleston and graduated from USC in Columbia. Have a good time ladies.

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Re : green-eyed-monster saying hello

Postby mom2tori » Mon Sep 09, 637354 2:15 am

I was really hoping to go and thought we would be able to swing but then we had an opportunity to buy a house and going to the annual meeting went right out the window. I am definitely going next year!

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Re : green-eyed-monster saying hello

Postby lorelei » Mon Sep 09, 637354 2:00 am

I'm jealous too...It would work out perfect...I am on vacation and everything even that week but it's Dalton's first b-day and we've got big plans and all...

I am hoping for an Atlanta area meeting or even Charlotte..or darn I ask for Columbia??

LOL!!! Here's to a fun and safe trip for everyone...Someone's got to take some pics and post them!!

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green-eyed-monster saying hello

Postby akemt » Mon Sep 09, 637354 1:56 am

Are you that are attending just getting so anxious and excited now? Packing early? lol

I must say that I'm quite envious! I wish I could come and am HOPING I can attend next year. *Please let it be in Hawaii* [;)]

Best wishes that everyone can travel safely, that the meetings will go well, and you'll all just have a blast!

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