Can I join the club?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Can I join the club?

Postby paige_va » Tue Dec 24, 637348 10:00 pm

Got released from the hospital last night, and am starting on my first official day of bedrest. I'm 32 weeks today, and my doctor would like to get the baby to 37 weeks.

Here's what happened...

For about the past month, I had noticed some pretty serious swelling. I wasn't too worried, because my BP was fine (110/70, same as pre-pg), and my doctor said it was probably normal pregnancy swelling brought on by the hot weather that we've been experiencing. On Monday, I went in for my routine check, and my BP had gone up to 140/90. The doctor had me lie down, and after laying down for several minutes, my BP went down to 128/90. My doc sent me home on two days of bedrest, and asked me to come back on Wednesday for a recheck. I monitored my BP at home over the next two days. On Tuesday, was a consistent 130/90, and Wednesday was 138/95. By the time I got to the doctor on Wednesday, my BP had gone up to 150/100. The doc put me immediately into the hospital.

After checking into L&D, my BPs were around 155/103, and they detected trace protein in my urine. We did several NSTs and an ultrasound to see how baby was doing. Thank goodness all of these tests came back well. My bloodwork was borderline, but not abnormal. They gave me a shot of beta methazone, and took a 24-hour urine collection (don't have these results yet.) My doctor also put me on Aldomet, and my BPs came down to 130/90 - 120/70, so she has released me to home bedrest. She reiterated that the goal of bedresting at home was 1) to keep this baby in the womb as long as possible and 2) to STAY OUT of the hospital.

I'm going back to L&D tomorrow (Saturday) for another NST, more beta methazone, and another BP check. I have to go back to the doc's office on Monday.

I'm nervous about going on bedrest for the remainder of this pregnancy. I know that there are PLENTY of moms out there that are on bedrest for much longer than I will be, so I should feel lucky. I'm a pretty serious career woman, however, so being away from work is going to be hard. Thank goodness there are women out there who understand!


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