PE and vegans

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Re : PE and vegans

Postby mamasboys » Tue Jan 19, 637672 5:53 pm

Im a lacto-vegaterian (I eat no meat or eggs but cheese and milk) and have had preeclampsia with all 3 of my kids.... I actually read a few years ago the not eating meat was linked to pre-e?

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Re : PE and vegans

Postby caryn » Mon Jan 18, 637672 11:17 pm

My experience, and bear in mind that this is the experience of just one person and so doesn't count as scientific data, is as follows. Gaskin endorses the same diet I was on -- the Brewer diet -- only a vegan version of it. And I got severe PE/ borderline HELLP at 34 weeks...

Besides that, both Gaskin and Brewer suggest that it's when diet becomes "inadequate" in protein later in pregnancy that symptoms appear -- but we know now that PE generally starts right at the very beginning of pregnancy, when the placenta fails to properly implant. I don't see how improving your diet in the third trimester could possibly affect the way that the placenta implanted during the first. (They, of course, were not familiar with these newer research studies when they were publishing their stuff -- but basically their arguments are based on very old research and the newer stuff has proposed and supported a completely different mechanism.)

Just my two cents.

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Re : PE and vegans

Postby laura » Mon Jan 18, 637672 3:35 am

Anne was familiar with them; from reading their literature, their good rate seems to be bolstered by the fact that if someone does develop complications, they're referred to a doctor for care.

In the large study done that examined diet and preeclampsia NO DIET was shown to make a difference on rates of disease. O how I wish there were!

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Re : PE and vegans

Postby darcynulph » Sun Jan 17, 637672 10:01 pm

I read something similar last week that a "commune" called The Farm has a really low pe rate over the past 25 years.

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Re : PE and vegans

Postby mada » Thu Jan 07, 637672 8:01 pm

I am not a vegan but I am a vegaterian. While diet and nutrution are very important in pregnancy, I am not sure why a vegan diet would specifically be "the diet" that reduced the liklehood of pre-e. I am intrested in reading the article, could you email it to me. You can email through my profile. thanks!!!

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PE and vegans

Postby rekharam » Thu Jan 07, 637672 12:42 pm

Just came across an article showing a recent study that PE affects vegans very rarely as compared to non-vegans.It could be contributed to better diet???Any vegans in our forum who can vouch for this??

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