One year ago today...

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Re : One year ago today...

Postby sjs40 » Sun Jan 07, 637979 6:22 pm

Sorry Im late with this. I wish that none of us had to go through this once, let alone twice. My second baby should have been one this week. Thinking of you.

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Re : One year ago today...

Postby lany » Fri Nov 24, 637978 12:08 am

I wish that the darker side of pregnancy (PE, PIH, HELLP) never existed. I wish that we could each get pregnant and not have a worry in the world. I wish that we were all brought together under different circumstances.

Thinking of you & sending many prayers your way.

susan belisle
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Re : One year ago today...

Postby susan belisle » Thu Nov 23, 637978 12:13 pm

Shaddered Dreams and Broken Lives. Is what we have. I think I was ok with my first lost because I was able to pick up the pieces and start all over again. But after Corined died that was it. No more second chances.

I just spent two weeks in Disney. The year of a million dreams. I place where dreams do come true and so on. We teach our kids that if you just believe why anything can happen. We never prepair them or ourselves for that matter for what happens when you have to stop the dream. Corine would have been two on the 27th. So I am with you on the crap train.

Take care and try to look for silver linings where you can.

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Re : One year ago today...

Postby kelly1972 » Wed Nov 22, 637978 8:06 pm


I hope you had some peaceful momments. That 1st year is really rough. I rfemember it well. I spent that week in bed and I just couldn't function. You're in my thoughts. Take care.

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Re : One year ago today...

Postby denise » Thu Aug 12, 637976 6:53 pm

Thinking of you Sam.

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Re : One year ago today...

Postby annes » Thu Aug 12, 637976 9:52 am

Sam, I wish you had your babies with you, it breaks my heart that they are not here with you. Sorry I am late with this.

for faith
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Re : One year ago today...

Postby for faith » Thu Aug 12, 637976 5:07 am

Sam - I am so, so sorry..........wishing you peace.

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Re : One year ago today...

Postby josiah1112 » Wed Aug 11, 637976 6:02 pm


I'm so sorry.I truly wish you had your little ones with you.If I had that power you know what I would do.I hope it was as peaceful a day as possible...

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Re : One year ago today...

Postby miracle3 » Wed Aug 11, 637976 2:42 pm

So sorry ((hugs))

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Re : One year ago today...

Postby raspbeari » Wed Aug 11, 637976 2:22 pm

Sam, I wish your little princess was with you. I'm glad that you felt like you honored her on this day, I know how much she means to you.
- wishing you some comfort, you've been through a lot.

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