late oneset postpartum eclampsia

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Re : late oneset postpartum eclampsia

Postby expert on call » Wed Jul 22, 636708 11:04 am

Postpartum preeclampsia is quite common. Probably 80% of women that die from preeclampsia die postpartum. Fortunately, postpartum preeclampsia is most easily managed. There is no baby to worry about.

Your chance of having preeclampsia in the next pregnancy is around 20-30%. Delivery only a week or so earlier may prevent it. Postpartum your BP can be followed closely and treated aggressively. It may require treatment with several drugs that do different things, (diuretics increase fluid loss in urine, ß-blockers slow the heart rate; vasodilators (Procardia) open the constricted blood vessels).

For most women, this experience need not deter them from another pregnancy. They might be followed closely by a physician who recognizes the risk in a subsequent pregnancy.

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late oneset postpartum eclampsia

Postby karen » Sun Jul 12, 636708 4:42 am

Hi, I am brand new and I have a question. I was diagnosed with late onset postpartum eclampsia after experiencing symptoms 5 days postpartum. I had swelling, headache, anemia (my level was 7 postpartum), pain in my chest and my blood pressure was at about 220/120. I went the the ER where I think I had a seizure. I was also diagnosed as having pnemonia and a UTI at the ER. I was a mess. My high blood pressure lasted for about 6 months and I was on Procardia to help control the blood pressure. Then as quickly as it came on, it seemed to go away. I also have gone through many kidney tests and secondary hypertension has been ruled out. I would like to know any information about this and the chances of this hapening again in another pregnancy. I have gotten the impression that this postpartum onset is fairly rare. Is that true? Also just another note that about a month ago I had what the doctor's are calling a nerological deficit where my vision was blurred for about 30 minutes and then the right side of my body and face went numb for about 10 minutes. During that time my speech was slurred and the right side of my mouth droped down. The worry is that I had a TIA. They are doing some tests right now and I had a cat scan immediately that ruled out a stroke. Could this be related to my postpartum troubles? Thank you.

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