Tax season

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Re : Tax season

Postby michellelhuston » Wed Oct 13, 638286 3:02 am

I do our own taxes each year with Turbo tax. The hardest part for me was the following year when it asked, "Are you still able to claim Tyler?" Or something to that effect. Obviously, we could not "claim" him on our taxes. Then it asked, "are you sure you want to delete Tyler?" Please pour a little more salt into my wound! Hugs to you!!!

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Re : Tax season

Postby imemc3 » Sat Aug 28, 638286 5:42 pm

This is not a strange thing to cry about I felt the same way and had the same emotions. The money helped to pay medical bills and to purchase a head stone for Emily. We put the money aside for awhile and this past weekend we felt emotionally ready to look at stones. We picked out a beautiful head stone for our beautiful angel. Keeping you in my heart and Ella close to my heart.


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Re : Tax season

Postby heatherbbb » Sat Jul 24, 638286 10:21 pm

I have cried over stranger things. It happens that way. In 2004, we lost one son in February and then had his younger brother in December a month early. I was able to claim both on our taxes. I found it very strange too. It was hard filling out the tax form.

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Re : Tax season

Postby for faith » Fri Jul 23, 638286 11:50 pm

Nikkole - I so agree too. We did the same thing, I too felt like Anne, it was a way to say yes, she is our daughter. It was sad again to remove her though :(. Hard to have to discuss these things with people you never thought (accountant, benefits dept at our work, etc). Take care,

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Re : Tax season

Postby duchess » Fri Jul 23, 638286 8:00 pm

Nikkole, I felt the same way about claiming Madison. But a part of me felt good about it because I was showing "the world" that my daughter was here! I started to cry this year when I had to update my tax survey for my accountant and I had to remove her as our dependent for 2007.

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Re : Tax season

Postby annes » Sun Jul 11, 638286 4:25 pm

Nikkole, I felt the same way, torn, about claiming Griffin, but we did. I felt like it was actually acknowledging that he was here. Hope all is well with you.

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Re : Tax season

Postby rosemary » Wed Jun 30, 638286 2:14 pm

Nikkole - I am so sorry. We live with our losses everyday and somehow, there are always those things that come up unexpectedly that just sting like a bee.

jana m
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Re : Tax season

Postby jana m » Wed Jun 30, 638286 12:22 pm

The same thing happened to me after I lost our girls. I felt so guilty about claiming them. Thankfully, we have a very kind and compassionate accountant. Don't think it's strange at all. Carin is right. It sneaks up when you absolutely least expect it.

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Re : Tax season

Postby wrennie » Wed Jun 30, 638286 8:57 am

Greif does sneak up, doesnt it? So wierd sometimes how the tiniest little thing can do that to us. I wish so badly that no one had to go through this..

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Tax season

Postby mom2ella » Wed Jun 30, 638286 4:05 am

I realized yesterday how suddenly grief can strike and in very weird situations. My dh and I went to have our taxes done yesterday. We found out that we were able to claim Ella for 2007. I had very strange feelings about it, like it wasn't right, but we knew the money would help with medical bills. I had to gather all of her paperwork before going to the tax place and I cried all the way there. I was thinking "what a strange thing to cry over". Anyway, I was just thinking about Ella and wanted to talk about this. Hope everyone is doing as well as possible!!

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