CNS Involvement

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Re : CNS Involvement

Postby hhbeachgurl » Thu Apr 10, 638600 7:47 pm

I dont believe so besides if mother seizes baby can be effected. I had major CNS involvement and they did not really seem concerned about Ansley but about me since she was doing great at the time.

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Re : CNS Involvement

Postby catherine » Tue Apr 01, 638600 5:05 am

I think not Jamie (with all the usual caveats). The risk to the mother is most acute in terms of the possibility of occluding her airway during a seizure... which would of course compromise the baby. Something such as a stroke though, might not impact the baby at all unless it resulting in physical compromises to the mom that would have feedback issues for the baby. Sadly, I'm sure we've all heard of stories of "brain dead" moms delivering healthy babies, and I think that it would be a similar senario for a preeclampsia/eclampsia-affected mom also.

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jamie w
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CNS Involvement

Postby jamie w » Mon Mar 31, 638600 11:54 pm

I have a question... With the CNS involvement, I know there is a risk to the mother which is in turn a risk to the baby. But- is there a direct effect on the baby from CNS involvement (i.e. not a risk from the mother having a seizure but an actual "baby" risk)? Does that make sense?

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