Question about Blood Pressure Medication

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Re : Question about Blood Pressure Medication

Postby laura » Wed Jan 21, 638607 9:56 pm

Ooh, i'm going to move this to the main forum, so we're sure everyone can get a crack at it.

Yee, what a rotten situation. Those pressures are really concerning. do you have a BP cuff at home? It might be a good idea to make the investment. You can keep an eye on things, and perhaps borrow some peace of mind.

On your next visit, I'd ask a few questions- about why your doc made the choice that he or she made- do they think it is being caused by some underlying hypertension? what is their normal treatment plan for gestational hypertension, and preeclampsia? what are your 'get thee to the hospital' indicators?

Also, are you doing non-stress tests or biophysical profiles in-between appointments?

In any event- please take care, and do your kick counts, and head on in if you start feeling things are getting worse.

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Re : Question about Blood Pressure Medication

Postby alessels » Wed Jan 21, 638607 3:38 pm

Thanks for the reply.
Believe me, the last thing I want is to be in the hospital, but I keep on wondering if that just putting me on meds is fine.
Protein in the urine is not a good thing either, I don't want to have this baby premature, but isn't the cure for preeclempsia delivery?
How long did your doc wait till you were induced?

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Re : Question about Blood Pressure Medication

Postby theartsymom » Wed Dec 31, 638606 8:36 pm

hmm- my OB put me on hospital bed rest with pressures over 100.
i did not get bp meds, but I am 2 1/2 pp and may need them soon. Good luck-we managed the pre-e till 37w 5d and had a 6 p 10oz boy.

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Question about Blood Pressure Medication

Postby alessels » Wed Dec 31, 638606 10:50 am

Hi, I am 34 weeks along.
I just came back from my Dr’s appointment and my blood pressure was high and I also had 1+ protein in my urine.
Doc sent me to Labour and Delivery for a series of blood pressure readings, put me on the monitor, plus to send my urine to the lab.
Nurse did 4 readings in a period on 1 hour, all of the diastolic numbers were over 100, the highest being 116.
I was then sent back to my Doctor’s office with the results (Lab still hadn’t sent the results, but the stick indicated 1+ as well)
Doctor then gave me a prescription for Blood pressure medication, put me on bed rest and asked for 24 urine test collection.
My question is- will the blood pressure medication most definite lower my numbers? Are there cases that it doesn’t? What are the side effects? Can you just stop taking it later?
Anything I should be concerned with?
The Doctor did say that she wants to keep me pregnant until 36 weeks, so 2 more weeks. From my understanding she said that she will induce me @ 36 weeks no matter what.
This is not the first pregnancy and the first case of PE for me, it just seems that it is coming back earlier and I have never been put on medication before.

Thanks for your help and support.


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