So confused ... UPDATE

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : So confused ... UPDATE

Postby guinevere » Sat Aug 03, 638622 7:40 am

Thinking good thoughts for you, Sush, and hoping you have the best possible birth, and SOON! I agree with everyone else that switching hospitals is the best thing you could have done. Eagerly awaiting a birth update from you...big hugs!


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Re : So confused ... UPDATE

Postby kotokage » Fri Aug 02, 638622 5:50 pm

I can understand your confusion, but I agree with everyone else. With signs that you are worsening, there is no compelling reason to wait! It can be difficult deciding exactly when to deliver and the ladies on this board have seen a lot of docs do different things, but with you feeling worse and getting worse BPs, I think you made a good decision to find more proactive care. Hopefully no-one gives you too much of a hard time about the switch.
It is undoubtedly better for your health to be delivered, and at this point there is not much to be gained for the baby.
The whirlwind will be over soon, and you'll have little Helena!

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Re : So confused ... UPDATE

Postby milesymommy » Fri Aug 02, 638622 4:14 pm

I agree with everyone else. It was a bold move, but with a lot of good reasons. They are probably paying more attention to you since they get less high risk patients. At a big hospital it may be that you aren't high risk enough for them to really get overly concerned because there may be other women that are far worse.
I'm glad you made the move. <<<Hugs>>>

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Re : So confused ... UPDATE

Postby dolphinjen » Fri Aug 02, 638622 9:48 am

Sush, I'm so glad to see your post. I keep checking in to see if there's been any "activity" for you!

How wonderful that you switched...I agree that it sounds like you trusted your intuition and it was a good choice. I also agree with Alice...just try to allow yourself to be taken care of right now and enjoy your older daughter...these last days with only her are precious. And you're 38 weeks! Yay!!! Just will be going home WITH your baby! What a dream. I am thinking of you.

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Re : So confused ... UPDATE

Postby aundapenner » Fri Aug 02, 638622 4:20 am


First off, congrats on being 38 weeks! And more congrats for trusting your instincts!

For right now, please do not try to figure out why the first hospital has acted the way they did. You're gonna meet your little Helena soon! Enjoy these next few days with your Aurelia because life with 2 changes so much! :)

I am so glad to see your post. And really, way to go on switching hospitals! IMO you did ABSOLUTELY the RIGHT THING! (And awesome for DH to support you!)

Right now, you are being taken seriously. And that is a good thing. Let's just get you through the birth then question the care at the other hospital. (And maybe after the birth you just won't care ... maybe not ...)

(((hugs))) and email me if you want!

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Re : So confused ... UPDATE

Postby lilliputianmama » Tue Jul 23, 638622 10:47 am

I'm glad you went to the new hospital. It sounds like they are more attentive. So strange that such different care from two hospitals but I guess every institution differs. Good luck!!!

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Re : So confused ... UPDATE

Postby trish » Tue Jul 23, 638622 8:27 am

I agree with Patty & Kara - it sounds like you've made a good decision & that you'll get the care you need & a sooner rather than later delivery. Even if it's a good decision, it's still ok to feel stressed & worried honey!! That's what we're here for.

Are you still at the hospital? Did they say when they thought they would deliver? Hang in there!! Thinking calming thoughts for you. (((HUGS)))

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Re : So confused ... UPDATE

Postby coachswife14 » Tue Jul 23, 638622 6:21 am

I agree with Patty Sush. I wish more doctors understood that we do sometimes have a gut feeling that things are not right. It sounds to me you made the right call, and the fact that your little Helena will be 38 weeks should make not having a NICU a non-issue. I SO understand where you are coming from right now because as you know, I felt exactly the same way just a few short weeks ago.

Please know I'm thinking of you and hoping little Helena gets here safely and SOON!

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Re : So confused ... UPDATE

Postby patty » Tue Jul 23, 638622 5:15 am

((hugs)) sounds like a good switch to me too and you should not need the NICU at the first hospital at this point. I would stay where they are taking your situation seriously. Good Luck!

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Re : So confused ... UPDATE

Postby kara » Tue Jul 23, 638622 3:37 am

It sounds like you used your intuition and it's turned into a good decision to switch hospitals. At 38 weeks, waiting for things to get worse, is not usually the best option. Maybe the high risk hospital has a higher threshold for complicated pregnancies, but then again, maybe the interference and misinformation the midwife was giving the doctor was the problem. Who knows really. The important thing is that you are getting the care and attention you and the baby need, and that you knew you needed.

Hang in will be soon!

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